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Bath and Body recipes

The Below recipes are collected from elists im on and info given to me from friends if any of these are yours please contact me and proper credit will be given.

Basic Bath Salts

1 cup mineral (Epsom) salts or sea salt

1 teaspoon glycerin or vitamin E oil

15 - 20 drops essential oils of your choice

few drops of food coloring if desired.

Mix all ingredients together, stirring well to blend. Store in an airtight container. Add 1/4 cup or more of the mixture to running bath water.

Bath Salts

2 cups Epsom salts

1 cup sea salt, rock salt or coarse salt

food coloring (optional)

1/4 teaspoon glycerin

essential oil for fragrance

Combine salts in a large glass bowl. Mix well. Add food coloring, a few drops at a time, until desired color is achieved. For plain white salts, skip this step. Add glycerin and essential oil, (4 or 5 drops) and mix together well. Spoon salts into containers and seal. When giving as a gift, attach a tag to salts describing the scent and instructions to use 1/3 to 1/2 cup in the bath.

Herbal Bath Crystals

1/2 cup Sea Salt

1/2 cup Epsom Salts

1/2 cup fresh herbs leaves or flowers

1/4 cup Baking Soda

few drops essential oils

Blend the above ingredients in a food processor or blender. Some oils to try: Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Patchouli, High John, Rose, Geranium & Grapefruit. Place 1/4 cup of the mixture under running warm water for fragrant herbal bath.

Grandmother's Fizzy Bath Salts

16 oz Baking soda

8 oz Cornstarch

8 oz Citric acid

10 drops Lavender essential oil

5 drops Patchouli essential oil

5 drops Rosemary or Bayberry essential oil

Blend together the dry ingredients. Blend the oils and add them one drop at a time to the dry ingredients. Mix with your hands, then rub the mixture thru a fine sieve to further distribute the oils into the dry ingredients. Store tightly covered for 2 weeks before using to fully develop the scent.

Fairy Dust Glitter Gel

1/4 cup aloe Vera gel

1 teaspoon glycerin

1/4 teaspoon fine polyester glitter

5 drops fragrance oil.

1 drop food coloring (optional)

Mix aloe and glycerin in a small bowl. Stir in glitter and fragrance and color if desired. Last for a long, long time if kept sealed. Make sure hands are clean before dipping in. Have fun..

Fizzy Bath Bombs

1/8 cup epson salt (optional)

3/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup citric acid powder

1/4 cup cornstarch

Mix very well. Add UP to 1/4 cup olive oil, until the consistency of pastry dough. (Just sticks together). Add about 20 drops of fragrance oil for scent, Essential Oils , & soap colors if you want them scented and colored. Form into small ball, or you can buy molds from a craft store. Let them sit out for about 6 hours then wrap in plastic wrap. These are always great as gift or to sell.To use, plop a ball into your bathtub in warm water!

Bath Bombs


1/4 c. baking soda

2 tlbs. citric acid or absorbic acid (powdered vit. C)

1 tlbs. Borax powder (for softening)

2 tlbs. powdered sugar (for binding)

2 tlbs. sweet almond oil

1 tsp. Vitamin E oil (preservative)

1/4 tsp. fragrance or essential oil

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and stir until well blended. Drizzle in almond oil and stir until mixture is moistened. Add Vit. E oil and fragrance and stir until well mixed. Take teaspoon size globs of mixture and form into ball shapes with fingers. (mixture will be VERY crumbly and fragile , so do the best you can. Add a little bit more of the vit. E. oil I find that helps.) Place the balls on a sheet of wax paper and leave alone for 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hrs, reshape balls. Let the balls air-dry and harden for 10 days. Store balls in a closed container to protect from moisture. To use, plop a ball into your bathtub in warm water!

Moisturizing Bath Crystals

2 cups Epson salt

1 cup Kosher Salt

2 Tablespoons baking soda

1 Tablespoon Glycerin

1/2 Teaspoon vitamin E oil

Essential Oils

fragrance oil

soap colors

Mix together well, then add your Essential Oils (most call for 10 drops). Then add your fragrance oil, then add the soap colors you want for the bath salts. Let it set for about 3 days. (If you have the time, or just for 2 days). Use 1/2 cup of Moisturizing "Relaxing" Bath Crystals.

Foaming Bath Salts

1/2 cup liquid soap

1/8 cup light oil

4 cups Epson salt

1/2 Teaspoon vitamin E oil

Essential Oils - Relaxing Oils

fragrance oil

soap colors

Mix together the soap, oil. and soap coloring. Pour this mixture over Epson salt in a large plastic or glass bowl. Stir continuously until the salt crystals are evenly coated. Spread the salts out in a thin layer on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper and allow to air dry. This can take up to 24 hours. Put the bath salts into a decorative container when they are completely dry. To use: Pour 1/2 cup of the salts into the bath under warm running water.

Bath Salts

part Sea Salt

1 parts baking soda

3 parts Epsom salts

10 to 15 drops of fragrance


Combine all ingredients together in an extra large ziploc bag and toss until thoroughly blended. If you want to add color, add a dab of food coloring inside the bag and work the color into the salts. Add fragrance. Put salts into a decorative jar or container for an inexpensive gift. To use: Pour 1/2 cup of the salts into the bath under warm running water.


1/4 c Boiling water

1 tb Pulverized herbs (Chamomile, Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage,

thyme, or a Combination)

5 Drops related essential oil

2 c Shredded Ivory or Castille Soap

Plastic wrap

Pour boiling water over herbs. Add 5 to 6 drops oil. Steep 15 minutes. Reheat til bubbly and pour over soap. Mix well with hands and let stand 15 minutes. Mix again and divide into 3 or 6 parts, rolling each into a ball. Place on plastic wrap and dry for 3 days.

Loofa Soap

* source unknown*


1 frozen OJ container (not a can, because you'll have to peal it away)

1 long loofa sponge to fit the can

a few bars of Neutrogena soap (or you could use some glycerine bars, or any other "clear" soap you've made.)

How To:
Stuff the loofa into the OJ container. Cut the soaps into small bits (I find grating the soap a faster way to melt it) After the soap is all melted, pour it into the container. I fill it about 1/3 at a time, giving the soap time to settle and firm up. Continue until the container is almost to the top (I usually leave about 1 inch or so) After the soap had hardened completely, peel away the paper container and what you have now is a "log" of loofa. You can now slice this into any thickness you like. I usually do 3" pieces, that makes a nice bar of soap.

Perfumed Skin Scrub

20 applications

1 cup grated soap (use mint scented glyserin soap)

1 cup dried mint leaves

1 cup dired lavender buds

1 cup dried orange peel

Mix together & package
Facial Beauty Scrub

25 applications

1 cup grated soap (use unscented beauty bar with added moisturizing cream)

1 cup regular (not instant) oatmeal

1 cup dried lavender buds

1 cup dried mint leaves

1 cup dried sage leaves.

Mix and package as desired.

Bubble Bath Recipe
1 bottle (3 1/2 cups) clear mild dishwater liquid

1/4 glycerin

1 Tbsp sugar

20-30 drops fragrant oil

10 drops food coloring

Mix until all ingredients including sugar dissolve. (Fragrance jasmine, rose, lavender - children tangerine, green apple

Tea Tree Foot Spray

Germicidal, anti-fungal oil- treats athletes foot and skin infections. Lemon juice acts as natural perservative - so ingredients do not oxidize.

4 tsp fresh lemon juice

5 tbsp vodka

4 tbsp water

2 drops lemon essential oil

5 drops tea tree oil

Put all into clean spray bottle and mix thoroughly. Always shake th bottle before using to remix ingredients. Spray over feet or other areas, but avoid face.

Tips: Cold sores - dab on claendula tincture to dry and heal area.

Before gardening - smooth on this hand lotion and leave to work under gardening gloves. Mix 2 tsp olive oil and 2 tsps liquid hone plus 1 drop geranium oil.

To remove dead skin cells blend some granulated sugar with a little vegetable oil, and rub in well. Rinse with cold water to improve circulation and speed up skin renewal.

Restore the Beauty

2 tablespoons of coarse ground sea salt

2 tablespoon of Epsom salt

2 tablespoon of safflower oil

2 teaspoon of calendula oil

1 teaspoon of rosehip seed oil

5-7 drops of palmrosa essential oil

5-7 drops of patchouli eo

-7 drops of bergamot essential oil