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Great Meadows Morris and Sword at the 2005 Marlboro Ale

Saturday afternoon tour and massed stand

First stop was at Hilltop House, where Beside the Point trotted out their "alternate kit" -- which no doubt warmed the heart of T-shirt vendors in Salem, Mass.

Our companions for the afternoon were Maple Leaf Morris, who at one point unveiled their Sesame Street tribute, complete with Big Bird and The Count (center), and a fiddle-playing Oscar the Grouch (right).

(Left) Great Meadows does "Trunkles" en masse. (Right) GMMS' 23rd different rapper side, Minimal Death, debuts.

Then we moved "downtown" to the Brattleboro Museum, and Pocket Flyers had a Marlboro Moment. (Right) Someone better tell the fiddler she needs a permit to play in that parking space.

We had one more stand, at the end of an alleyway, before taking a well-deserved break.

Then it was time for all the teams to meet up for a street performance. (L-R) Commonwealth Morris Men of Boston, Thames Valley and Handsome Molly.

Some great examples of morris fooling abounded during the show. (Left) The Perfesser shows the value of a well-employed spray bottle, with the help of the Adderbury dancer at far right -- just water, we think. (Center) Dan stealthily replaced all of Marlboro's sticks with objects such as an umbrella, a windshield ice scraper and even a long iron pipe. (Right) Toronto's John Mayberry left the street awash in extra hankies.

Beside the Point was the Great Meadows representative for the massed stand.

Afterwards, we adjourned to a restaurant, and thence back to the college for a pick-up contra and general relaxation -- and other activities.

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