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The Marlboro Morris Ale

Great Meadows and Marlboro Morris Men shared the Sunday tour. There was much singing and carrying on during the bus rides, but somehow everyone survived.

The scheduled performance took place at the Crafts Inn in Wilmington, Vt., and an unscheduled one occured during lunch (at right).

Candyrapper, Beside the Point and Slightly Green.

Dan, the Marlboro Morris Men fool (seated in photo at left), admires his handiwork, having attached the balloon to the belt of one of his team members. Dan also wound up stealing all the Great Meadows sticks and replacing them with umbrellas, flags, baseball bats and whatever else he could find (second from left). For an encore, he even organized a, er, baseball game at Newfane, where all the teams gathered for the final performance. Not everyone felt like joining in, however.

Then the horn sounded, and the Winster Processional began...

...and kept going, and going, and going.

An announcement to the gathered throng, and the show dances commenced (Half Moon Sword is in the center picture, Ring O'Bells at right).

On to the Grand Finale...

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