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The Marlboro Morris Ale

May 24-26 Marlboro, Vt.

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Fort Nat & Ian: the gateway to Camp Great Meadows!

The Ale began, soggily, with the Winster Processional through Marlboro College, during which everyone discovered (far right) that Great Western Morris likes to do it backwards.

"The Parting Glass."

Among the other teams performing this weekend were (top, left to right) Great Western, Marlboro Morris and Sword and Muddy River Morris, as well as (bottom, left to right) Thames Valley International Morris, Windsor Morris, Pinewoods Morris Men and St. Mary's Northwest Clog. (For the complete list of teams, go here)

After lunch, the afternoon tour began at the Farmer's Market outside Brattleboro, where Great Meadows did our (almost) full-contact version of "Swaggering Boney," and a stick dance in which the two sets nearly got too close for comfort.

From there it was onto downtown Brattleboro, where Candyrapper (center), Beside the Point (second from right) and Slightly Green (right) had an opportunity to perform.

Of course, we couldn't pass up a chance to do the Appalachian flyswatter dance.

And that was just the first day. Here's what happened on the second day.