Thompson Breckenridge Shaw's Inventory ~ 1854

June 18, 1854
Jefferson County, Mississippi
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

A true inventory of all the personal property of the late Thompson B. Shaw, deceased.

JARROTT aged 30 years valued $1100
SILVA 25 years valued $900
EMMA 6 years valued at $300
HENIETTA 3 years valued at $250
MARTHA 1 year valued at $150
PEGGY 40 years valued at $500
LEWIS 20 years valued at $800
JUDA 19 years valued at $800
WILLIAM 30 years valued $500
RACHEAL 18 years valued at $1000
ELLEN 25 years valued at $1000
EDWARDS 6 months valued at $100
FANNY 16 years valued at $1000
one buggy horse and harness valued at $400

Given under our hands and seals this the twenty nineth day of June eighteen hundred and fifty four.

Joseph Dunbar (Seal)
A. W. Sutphin (Seal)
T. L, Liddel (Seal)
L. A. Osteen (Seal)

January 28th 1856

Mary Shaw, wife of Thompson B. Shaw, received SILVA and EDMUND.

Catherine Flowers, daughter of T. B. Shaw, received JARROTT.

Eliza Sims, daughter of T. B. Shaw, received MARTHA, LEWIS and PEGGY.

Margaret O'Quin, daughter of T. B. Shaw, received RACHAEL.

Albert Shaw, son of T. B. Shaw, received HENRIETTA and WILLIAM.

Mary C. Shaw, daughter of T. B. Shaw, received ELLEN.


Harriet Walker's poignant letter, was written to Mary Shaw, wife of Thompson B. Shaw, in 1858. Harriet who was living in Arkansas was a former slave of Mary Shaw. Harriet writes to Mary inquiring about her children in Jefferson County, MS.

Elizabeth "Eliza" Shaw, daughter of Thompson B. Shaw and Mary Shaw, married Lewis Hobbs Sims 24 May 1837 in Jefferson County, MS. Lewis died 07 Aug 1857.
Lewis Hobbs Sims' 1857 Inventory and Appraisement of Slaves

William Shaw, son of Thompson B. Shaw and Mary Shaw, was born 12 Jan 1819 in Jefferson County, MS. William's parents sold him eight slaves in their bill of sales of 1847, 1854 and 1859. Two of his slaves, Betsy and Martha, were named on servants membership list of Union Church Presbyterian Church in Jefferson County, MS.

Nancy Ann Shaw, daughter of Thompson B. Shaw and Mary Shaw, married William Anderson Killingswoth. Nancy was born in 1820, died in 1853. William A. Killingsworth was murdered by his slaves 19 Jul 1854.
Hire Appraisement of William Anderson Killingsworth's Negroes - 1861

Catherine Shaw, daughter of Thompson B. Shaw and Mary Shaw, was born 11 Mar 1825 in Jefferson County, MS. She married first Armstrong E. Flowers 05 Jan 1848. One of their former slaves Lewis Wallace's slave narrative to the Federal Writer's Project during the late 1930s, shared a few memories of his life on the plantation. Lewis was named as one of twenty four slaves on Armstrong's 1859 inventory and appraisement list. Armstrong died 31 Mar 1859. Per the 1860 Jefferson County slave schedule, Catherine Flowers owned 35 slaves. Catherine married Judge Jackson Millsaps 12 Dec 1860. Catherine died 21 Sep 1917 in Jefferson County, MS.


Thompson Breckenridge Shaw's Jefferson County Probate Records - Case Number: 24
Microfilm Number: 12189
Microfilm found at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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