Pearlie Scott's Deposition in John Culver's Pension Case

Deposition of Pearlie Scott in the Case of Shelby Brown, Guardian of John Culver, Jr.
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

April 13th, 1909
Lincoln County, Miss.

I am 46 years of age, residence 1 1/4 miles W. of Caseyville, farmer. I know all the parties at interest in this claim for pension. I am not related to any of them, nor have I any interest in this claim. I have known the mother of this ward about all my life. We have been neighbors since I was a boy. I know that she had several children before she married John Culver, but he was her first husband. She had these other children at home while she lived with her father. I know all the reputed fathers of them, and I am sure that she never married any of them. This ward is now between 14 and 15.

I have heard the above; I have understood it; it is correct.

Pearlie Scott


John Culver's Federal Military Pension Records
Private John Culver - 58th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry

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