The Inventory and Appraisement of Nancy McNeill's Slaves ~ 1858

Copiah County
August 31, 1858

Remembering the Names of Nancy McNeill’s Slaves
Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd

negro woman CAROLINE -- $1050
negro child HARRIET -- $350
negro child DAVID -- $150

Nancy McNeill's Death Bed Declaration
State of Mississippi
Jefferson County

We Ann Gilchrist, Sarah McLauren and Emily McMillan do hereby certify as follows that Nancy McNeill died on Wednesday last the 6th day of May A.D. 1858 declared to us that the following is the substance of her last will and testament that the same was stated to us as follows that she wanted or willed that a negro girl named Caroline and her two children Harriet and David and their increase shall be the property of her two daughters Narcissa Jane and Davidella McNeill and that the balance of her property both real and personal shall be equally divided between all her children including her two daughters and that it was her wishes and desire that her brother John Gilchrist will act as her executor to her ? will.
Witness our hands this 7th day of May A.D. 1858

Ann (her mark) Gilchrist
Sarah McLauren
Emily McMillan


Nancy G. McNeill's Copiah County Probate Records, Microfilm Number: 8227
Microfilm may be found at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

John David McNeill's Inventory Listing of Slaves - 1858, Husband of Nancy

Remembering Their Names