James McMillan's Deposition

1873 Deposition of James P. McMillan in the Southern Claims Case of Mary Lemons Buie
Lincoln County, Mississippi
October 1873
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd


James P. McMillan was the son of Dougald McMillan.

James P. McMillan testifies: farmer; age 55; residence Lincoln County, Mississippi; not interested or related. I was acquainted with the claimant all my life. My acquaintance was not intimate. I lived one mile from her. I seen her very often as a neighbor. I never conversed with her about the war. I was not an adherent of the Union cause. I knew her public reputation during the war. She, the claimant, Mary Buie, was generally opposed to the war, and especially to secession. I donít know whether there were many Union sympathizers in that neighborhood during the war. The few neighbors that were opposed to secession in the neighborhood, regarded the claimant as being opposed to it also. I donít know that the claimant done anything to aid the Union army or Confederate government. She did not vote. Nor exert any influence that I know of. I donít know that she had any views towards the last of the war contrary to those entertained at the first.

I think it is a fact that the Whig party throughout the Confederate state generally opposed secession, and when they voted, voted against it. Most of them took up arms in behalf of the Confederacy after it began. My opinion is that if the claimant had been a man she would have opposed secession.

James P. McMillan served with Company A, 1st Regiment, Mississippi Light Artillery


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