Edward Harris' Deposition in John Culver's Pension Case - 1888

Remembering Edward Harris
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

May 07, 1888
Natchez, Adams County, Miss.

My age is about 67 years, occupation drayman, P. O. address Natchez, Miss. I am acquainted with John Culver. I knew him before the war when he was a slave to Mr. McMillan who lived about seven miles from Union Church. I think it was in Amite County, Miss., where I used to camp there when teaming in slavery days. Pensioner eyes were good then. I afterwards met him after the war when he was cultivating a piece of land belonging to the late John O’Ferrall, near the forks of the Washington and Liberty Road just outside of Natchez. There was nothing noticeable the matter with his eyes then. Met him frequently, did not hear him complain of anything being the matter with his eyes when he worked for O’Ferrall. It was after he had made a crop for O’Ferrall that he commenced wearing glasses, never knew or heard of any trouble with his eyes before he made that crop or while he was making it. I never knew or heard of him having venereal disease or small pox. I met pensioner after his discharge from the army and before he worked O’Ferrall’s land, am sure I never notice any defect or heard any complaint of defected eyesight before he made a crop for O’Ferrall. I have no interest direct or indirect in the claim of John Culver for a pension. Am not prejudiced against him. I understand your questions; You have correctly recorded my answers.

Edward (his mark) Harris


John Culver's Federal Military Pension Records
Private John Culver - 58th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry