The Buie's Reply to United States' Brief of Loyalty

In the Court of Claims
John M. Buie, Adm'r
Mary Buie (Deceased)
The United States

Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd


Defendant's counsel indulges in the usual amount of levity in discussing the question of loyalty in this case.

The testimony is not the mere "opinions" of witnesses, as counsel asserts, but contains substantial facts, showing not only the loyalty of John M. Buie, the Administrator but that his mother was also loyal.

Futhermore acts of loyalty are proved, notwithstanding the assertion of defendant's counsel to the contrary.

John M. Buie voted against secession in 1861. Says he always adhered to the cause of the Union. Never for one moment supported or sympathized with the Confederate government. Says that none of his family never countenanced secession, and never aided it in anyway.

He was conscripted in 1863, but was determined not to go into the Confederate service. He had the money and bought his discharge. All these facts are inconsistent with disloyalty.

The witnesses state that John M. Buie was bitterly opposed to the war, and kept out of the way of the Confederates to avoid conscription.

His expressions were that he did not believe war or secession was right. Regarded by his neighbors as loyal. His mother's reputation was also that of a loyal woman, and she expressed herself opposed to the war.

Calvin Blue age 75, says he was very intimate with the claimant John M. Buie, before and during the war and in frequent conversations with him. He always opposed the war and thought it was wrong.

Mr. Anding age 62, also testifies to loyal expressions of claimant. That he was a strong Union man all through the war and voted for the Union and against the Confederacy in 1861.

Such are the facts in proof. It is not pretended that Mr. Buie gave any voluntary aid or comfort to the rebellion, orthat his mother, Mrs. Mary Buie, ever did a disloyal act. On the contray the proof shows that they were loyal throughout the war, and the Court should so find.

Respectly submitted,

Gilbert Moyers
Attorney for Claimant


NARA - Record Group 123 - United States Court of Claims - Congressional Jurisdiction - Southern Claim File of Mary Buie - Case # 2568

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