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The World Wide Web or just the net we say

Is where the ‘Kiss’ folks come each night to play


We listen to each other and reply through microphone

Friendships made across the world, we never feel alone.


Big DC, Duncan, Laird ‘O’ Coocaddens is always in his glory

Relaying with passion, another Waldorf story.


Macoeg too is in the fray, we gather it’s by choice

George can put his point across, with that deep distinctive voice.


From the ‘E’ place we hear from HRH, she sometimes goes on cam

She’s been known to get quite  tipsy, when she takes a dram.


Once in a while we get a visit from the Sydney ‘Studman’ scozzie

He’s a bloke from Paislie, who lives over there in ‘Ozzie’.


Horace Wimp as he calls himself, always wants an inquisition

When he was told to cut it back, he said ‘wait a minute no a circumcision’?


Lakeswoman is an admin, with a voice as smooth as silk

It has been said she found out what was under Duncan’s kilt.


Carriebobo is a teaser, sometimes she talks in hush

This gal knows how to play the game, she could make male strippers blush.


The keeper has his point of view, he likes to wet his whistle

What else would you expect him to do, he supports Partick Thistle.


So if you arrive at the Waldorf, to mingle with the boozers

When they ask you for the password, say, by the way, its troosers.