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Erie Cemetery History Project
Portrait Gallery

Not all people pictured in this gallery are buried in Erie Cemetery.
See the "Profiles" section for more information.

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Behler, Sarah (Wilt) Olinger (1839-1906)
Brotherson, Lizzie (1902-1910)
Brotherson, Henry Jackson (1845-1896)
Brotherson, Mary Ethel (Saxton) (1873-1936) (Photo 1)
Brotherson, Mary Ethel (Saxton) (1873-1936) (Photo 2)
Brotherson, Rachael (Neer) (1845-1911)
Brotherson, William H. (1868-1933)
Burchell, Robert L. (1847-1934)

Early, Rev. A.M. (1811-1902)

Hill, Clyde Frederick (1900-1970)
Hill, Dorothy DeLore (Olinger) (1899-1963)
Hughes, The Rev. George Washington and family
Hughes, Rev. George Washington (1851-1919)
Hudson, Fidelia (Buck) (1829-1851)

Iseman, J. Oliver (1862-1944)

Michaelsen, Lillian "Eve" (Slocum) Olinger

Olinger, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (1860-1940)
Olinger, George Washington Jr. (1869-1941)
Olinger, George Washington Sr. (1827-1871)
Olinger, Glenn Arthur (1891-1960)
Olinger, Louise Belle (Slocum) (1873-1847)

Pratt, Manson (1863-1944)
Pratt, Margaret Rubina (Saxton) (1864-1950) (Photo 1)
Pratt, Margaret Rubina (Saxton) (1864-1950) (Photo 2)

Saxton, George (1878-1893)
Schaeffer, Clara Louise (Sippel) (1890-1927)
Schreiner, Ethel (1899-1971)
Schreiner, Gale (1919-1942)
Steele, Caroline Matilda Chamberlain Saxton (1842-1928)

Willson, Marjorie Jean (Olinger) Fitch (1916-1973)
Wilt, William (1864-1959)
Wöhrle, Isak (1856-1929)
Wöhrle, Rosa K. (Feldman) (1855-1920)
Wohrley, George Henry (1888-1970)