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Erie Cemetery History Project

Glenn Kenneth Perkins (1897-1970)
Twila (Shearer) Perkins (1909-1974)

Glenn Kenneth Perkins was born May 15, 1897, in Lyndon. He was the second of four sons of Clark E. and Lida Klingensmith Perkins.

In 1900, he and his family moved to the farm that his father had purchased one and a half miles north of Erie in Fenton Township. Mr. Perkins was graduated from East Sandridge School located near the Perkins farm.

As an enlister in the army during World War I, he saw no duty because the war ended shortly after he arrived at camp for training. He was a farmer until he was injured by a bull. After that, he owned and operated a shoe store in Prophetstown, IL, until retiring in 1966. Aside from his business, he was an avid gardener. He died at Morrison Hospital in August of 1970.

In 1948, Mr. Perkins married a family friend, Twila Shearer of Freeport, PA. The Shearers were friends and neighbors of his motherís family, the Klingensmiths, and members of the Perkins family had visited Pennsylvania frequently.

Twila (Shearer) Perkins was a graduate of Slippery Rock State Teacherís College and a teacher at the Laneville School near Freeport. After her marriage and move to Illinois, Mrs. Perkins taught second and sixth grades at Erie Elementary School and third grade at Riverdale Community Unit Schools. She also received a bachelorís degree from Marycrest College in Davenport, IA. Mrs. Perkins retired from Riverdale schools in June of 1972. Retirement allowed her to concentrate on her hobby of quilting. She died in her home in Erie in February of 1974.

Mr. and Mrs. Perkins were the parents of one daughter, DeEtta Perkins Kambic, who resides in Woodridge, IL, with her sons Glenn and Richard.

Mr. Perkinsí parents, Clark and Lida, his three brothers, Lawrence Edwin, Ralph Everett, and Samuel Franklin, and his nephew, Clark, all are buried in Erie Cemetery. His grandparents, Stephen and Beaulah (Julia) Perkins are buried in the Albany, IL, Cemetery.

(Information from DeEtta Perkins Kambic)