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Erie Cemetery History Project

Clarence J. Peckham (1877-1965)
Edna F. (Goreth) Peckham (1881-1980)

Clarence J. Peckham was born on April 10, 1877, in Osco, IL, the son of Alfred and Katherine (Fowler) Peckham. Edna F. Goreth was born August 1, 1881, in Hillsdale, the daughter of Sebestian and Luticia Goreth. The couple was married on March 24, 1898, and established a home at 531 S. Main Street, Erie.

At their home, they began growing flower and vegetable plants. Business soon outgrew their home, so they relocated the home and business to 732 Fifth Avenue, Erie.

Mr. Peckham took orders to decorate graves in surrounding cemeteries, including Lyndon, Prophetstown, Sharon, Erie, and others. The Peckhams eventually sold their business and retired to a home at 814 Sixth Street, Erie, in 1936. However, the move did not keep the Peckhams from pursuing their love of flowers. Their entire back yard was one huge flower garden, with a small space reserved for vegetables, which did so well they were able to sell produce to local stores. The flower garden was so beautiful that many people stopped by to admire their handywork.

After a brief illness, Mr. Peckham died in January of 1965. Following his death, Mrs. Peckham went to reside with her daughter, and died February 29, 1980.

(Information from Donna Webb)