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Erie Cemetery History Project

Glenn Arthur Olinger (1891-1960)
Lillian "Eve" (Slocum) Olinger Michaelsen (1894-1986)

Glenn Arthur Olinger was born May 2, 1891, in Erie, the son of George W. and Allie Hamilton Olinger. His mother died in 1893 after the birth of a second son.

Lillian "Eve" Slocum was born Aug. 3, 1894, the daughter of Lyman and Ermina Hudson Slocum. She was married to Mr. Olinger on Feb. 16, 1916. They had three children, Donald Richard, Glenn Slocum and Patricia Ann.

Mr. Olinger worked on the construction of the Mississippi River dam at Davenport. He once was nearly electrocuted in a fall. He also dredged on the Ohio river near Indiana and the Missouri River near Kahoka, MO. He worked on the Pickwick Dam, a project of the Tennessee Valley Authority in Tennessee. He broke his leg while working on the Panama Canal. He also worked on the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada and in 1956 helped create a wind tunnel in New Jersey.

Mr. Olinger died March 30, 1960.

After her husband's death, Mrs. Olinger became the nurse and caretaker for several members of her family in Chicago, Albany, IL, and Fremont, CA. In 1971 she was married to Christopher Michaelsen, who died in 1977. She enjoyed travel and sightseeing. In her later years she resided in Erie and at Resthave in Morrison. She died Aug. 25, 1986.

(Information from Gloria Scott)