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Erie Cemetery History Project

Sarah (Wilt) Olinger Behler (1839-1906)

Sarah Wilt was born May 9, 1839, in Newry, PA, the daughter of Peter H. and Mary (Young) Wilt. She was married to George Washington Olinger, Sr., on March 27, 1855, in Newry Lutheran Church, Newry, PA, with the Rev. J. Tichner officiating.

She brought her family to Illinois in 1868, moving with her parents, siblings and the Young families. Mr. and Mrs. Olinger settled in Spring Hill. Mr. Olinger died in 1871. One year later, Mrs. Olinger moved her family to Erie. In 1878 she was married to Christian Behler and they had three children together. They were divorced in 1900.

Sarah Olinger Behler lived on her farm on Albany Road until her death in 1906. At the 100th Olinger-Behler reunion held in 1995, over 470 direct and 250 in-law descendants were reckoned. Several families were not found, so there could be many more descendants.

(Information from Gloria Scott)