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Erie Cemetery History Project
Some Family Names

When we receive correspondence from someone requesting information on a family represented at Erie Cemetery, we try to share as much information as possible. Usually we are able to compile a list of people buried in Erie Cemetery with a certain surname. Following are some of the lists of burials for surnames requested via the internet.

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF BURIALS AT ERIE CEMETERY. That document is available at Erie Village Hall or Erie Public Library. This list is an attempt to share with the public information already given in response to individual inquiries.

Dennis/Van Damme (Lot 111 Only)

Lot 111:
Dennis Van Damme, 1940-19 FEB 1965, died at P-Town, Son of C & E.
Clarence Van Damme, 1913-15 SEP 1975, died at Prophetstown.
John W. Cortright, 1837-17 NOV 1917, veteran, Civil War.
Mary A. Cortright, 1841-29 DEC 1915.
Robert Dennis, 14 MAR 1869-29 AUG 1931.
Florry Dennis, 7 OCT 1875-10 FEB 1862.
Roland A. Dennis, 12 DEC 1914-15 MAR 1915.
Leroy A. Dennis, 17 APR 1907-28 APR 1908.
Larue I Dennis, 17 APR 1907-1 OCT 1907.
Baby, 7 MAR 1915.
Erma Van Damme, 1917-19??, wife of Clarence.


Lot 2
W.J. Gladhill, died 9 JAN 1892, at age 62 years, 29 days.
Mrs. W.J Gladhill, no dates given.
Mary J. Gladhill Echelbarger, 27 SEP 1837-13 AUG 1913, wife of George.
Geo. Echelbarger, 31 JUN 1833-27 JUN 1915.
(Other surnames in this lot are Echelbarger)

Lot 40
Ellen Gladhill Sawyer, 12 AUG 1878-12 MAR 1898, wife of Paul.
(Although there is no Paul Sawyer buried in Lot 40, there is a Paul Sawyer buried in Lot 53 his dates seem about right.)
(Other surnames in this lot are Benson, Herriman, Plumb and Sawyer>

Lot 61
Rosanna Gladhill, died 6 JAN 1931, at age 74 years.
George Gladhill, died 16 JAN 1931, at age 87 years, 2 months, 16 days.
Charles E. Gladhill, died 4 OCT 1868 at age 1 year, 19 days, son of G.W.
George M Gladhill, 13 JUL 1880, age 9 years, 4 months, five days, grave not marked.
Rose Gladhill, 28 OCT 1884-22 JAN 1920.
(Other surnames in this lot are Sawyer, Simpson, Branthaver, and Guthrie. There also is an unidentified infant buried in this lot.)


Lot 28
Byron Waite, Civil War Veteran, 1835-21 SEP 1920.
Martha Waite, 1863-23 NOV 1956, died in Morrison.
Bertje Waite, 4 DEC 1878, aged 1 month, 11 days.
Permelia Waite, died 22 DEC 1864, aged 6 years, 9 months, 6 days, daughter of D & D.A.
(Other surnames in this lot are Burridge, Barnum and McKenna)

Lot 84
Raymond Waite, WWI Veteran, 25 FEB 1895-11 SEP 1985, died in Elmhurst, IL.
Thelma Burridge Waite, 1899-11 SEP 1933.
Paul D. Waite, WWII Veteran, 1922-1943, missing in action over Wewak, New Guinea.
(Other surnames in this lot are Burridge and Connett)

Lot 122
Ida Waite Bark, 1898-28 OCT 1926, died in Erie.
Nellie Waite, 1872-21 APR 1922, died in Erie.
Allen Waite, 1867-7 DEC 1931, died in Erie.
(Other surnames in this lot are Boecher, Fishlock, Baker, Bark, Farrell and Dersham. There also is an unidentified baby boy in this lot.)

Lot 138
Z.G. Waite, 1871-25 SEP 1939, died at Moline.
Lula Waite, 1879-3 JUL 1939, aged 57 years, died in Iowa.
(Other surnames in this lot are Ballard, Tharpe, Rush, Shepherd, Cooke and Wood)

Lot 153
Ada Hahn Waite, 1898-27 AUG 1973, died in Morrison.
(Other surnames in this lot are Hahn, Updyke, Schaeffer, Brown, Mathews, Byam, Eschman and Bryant)

Lot 230
Winogene Waite, 1904-24 JAN 1981, died at Morrison.
Mervyn Waite, 1902-9 MAR 1969, died at Erie.
(Other surnames in this lot are Kaider, Wood, Schoonover and Mercer)


Lot 30
George Neer, 1841-9 JUL 1921, Company G 1st OH Infantry (Civil War Veteran).
Harriet Witt Near, 1844-27 NOV 1926.
Horace Neer, 1869-18 MAR 1926.
Gertrude Pratt Neer, 1872-20 SEP 1899 (wife of Horace).
Edith Neer, 1897-30 SEP 1953, died in Erie.
Ina Neer, 1890-1891.
May Neer, 1892-1893.
Hannah Burk, 4 NOV 1804-1 AUG 1899.
Lucinda Hicks Rawson, died 16 NOV 1858 at age 30 years 7 months 5 days. Wife of John, Daughter of Abel and Jane.
John Rawson, 5 APR 1816-6 OCT 1869.
Georgieanna Rawson, 28 MAR 1830-14 APR 1897.
Royal S. Rawson, died 25 AUG 1860 at age 1 month 19 days, son of J. and G.
Thomas Edison Dietz, no dates provided.
Izie Dietz, no dates given.