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Erie Cemetery History Project

Wilbur Meyer (1915-2000)

Wilbur Meyer was born October 8, 1915, in Erie, the son of Florence (Waite) and William Elliot Meyer. He was tall, thin and agile.

Mr. Meyer was an airline pilot, and also sold hardware. During World War II he was a pilot, flying open-cockpit planes, but he did not see overseas duty. He taught flight school at Tuskegee, AL.

M. Joyce Strohman writes:

"Wilbur and my mother were cousins. He was raised in the Chicago area but spent summers in Erie with Albert and Minnie Meyer. My mother and he were raised feeling more like siblings than cousins...

"At age 86, just before his death, he visited us and was able to sit on the floor without problem and tell stories about being young...of visiting the farm of my grandfather and feeling as if it were his home, too. If he hung his hat when he left, it was in the same place when he returned. He liked to play with the neighbor children and ride in their pony cart. He enjoyed having time on the farm away from the city life of Chicago."

(Information from M. Joyce Strohman)