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Erie Cemetery History Project

The Rev. George Washington Hughes (1851-1919)
Alice Jane (Powell) Hughes (1853-1925)

The Rev. George Washington Hughes was born March 23, 1851, to the Rev. Robert and Suzannah (Powell) Hughes in Sweetwater, IL, south of Mason City. His grandfather, the Rev. James Hughes, along with the Revs. Campbell and Stone, started the Disciples of Christ religion in Kentucky.

He was married to Alice Jane Powell on January 9, 1873. He took up the calling and became a preacher. He criss-crossed Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa in a covered wagon pulled by mules to preach the Gospel. The couple had five children, Florence (Hughes) Kellogg, born in 1875; Loren, born in 1879, Webb, Iowa; Sadie (Hughes) Coppess, born in 1884, Olin, Iowa; and two children who died in infancy. There were ten grandchildren.

The Rev. and Mrs. Hughes came to Erie, where he served as pastor of the Christian Church, in October of 1905. He resigned in 1907 due to failing health. He died March 1, 1919. His wife, Alice, who helped her husband throughout his ministry, died December 15, 1925, and also is buried in Erie Cemetery.

Five of the Hughes’ grandchildren lived in Erie and went to school here. They were Venita (Kellogg) Young, Clarence Kellogg, Gwendolyn (Kellogg) Burt, Lois (Kellog) Gaydosh and Thelma (Kellogg) Carpenter. All are deceased, and Clarence is buried in Erie Cemetery. The Rev. and Mrs. George Hughes were the great-grandparents of Mrs. Leland Wolf.

(Information from Mrs. Leland Wolf)