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Erie Cemetery History Project

Orange Howell (1860-1906)
Ariel Howell (1868-1935)
Glenn Edwin Howell (1897-1958)
Mabel (Iseman) Howell (1899-1990)

Ariel Howell operated a Millinery Store next to the meat locker on Main Street, Erie. She made and sold ladies' hats. Being an excellent seamstress, she did custom sewing and was emplyed by local clothing stores to make alterations. Her home joined the back of the shop, and both were a part of the business district until 1980.

Mrs. Howel also was an agent for two fraternal organizations, which required monthly collections. Much of this work she did on foot.

Mrs. Howell and her husband, Orange Howell (1860-1906), had four children. Three of them, Dewey, Ted and Ariel, later moved west to Oregon.

One son, Glenn Edwin Howell (1897-1958) remained in Erie, working as a self-employed carpenter. He served in the USNRF during World War I. His wife, Mabel (Iseman) Howell (1899-1990), worked for the Cresent Telephone Company in Erie for many years. Mrs. Howell loved cats and collected salt and pepper shaker sets.

(Information from Gloria Scott)