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Erie Cemetery History Project

Lorenzo Dow Gordon (1817-1894)
Orissa (Rawson) Gordon (1817-1884)

Lorenzo Dow Gordon was born in 1817 in Allegany County, New York. His father was William Gordon, a native New-Englander of Scottish descent who owned a large woolen mill.

Lorenzo Gordon was married to Orissa Rawson, also a native of Allegany County, New York. In 1854 they moved to Erie. Mr. Gordon purchased 200 acres of land, partly improved, some of the property inside the Erie corporate limits. He resided on that farm until his death on Oct. 22, 1894, at the age of 77. Mrs. Gordon was born in 1817 and died on May 7, 1884.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon had two children, Geneva and Marion.

(Information from Audrey Cocking)