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Erie Cemetery History Project

Charles F. Feaster (1892-1959)

Charles F. Feaster was born November 26, 1892, near Hillsdale, the son of Melville and Minnie Feaster. He was reared in the Erie community and attended Davenport High School.

He was married to Hettie Hawk on July 11, 1912, in Newton Township. They set up housekeeping in Erie, where Mr. Feaster worked in the Swederus grocery store. He later became an auto dealer for Ford cars and had a garage for 25 years. [Mr Feasterís Ford garage was located where the municipal parking lot and water tower now sits.]

His children were Evelyn, Donald and Ann Elizabeth, and he had two grandchildren at the time of his death on December 16, 1959.

(Information from Ann Snyder)