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Erie Cemetery History Project

Floyd Henry Brotherson (1893-1970)
Beryl Elizabeth (Hubbart) Reade Brotherson (1893-1962)

Floyd Henry Brotherson was born Sept. 10, 1893, in Erie, the son of William Henry and Mary Ethel "Mollie" (Saxton) Brotherson. He was raised in Erie and attended Erie grade school and high school, although he did not graduate.

On Sept. 12, 1914, he was married to Mae More in Erie. On Nov. 11, 1917, their daughter, Lynette Caroline, was born in the Steel house at 517 Main Street in Erie. (Lynette Caroline Brotherson married John R. Miller and relocated to Pittsburgh, PA.)

Mr. Brotherson was married to Frieda Anna Schoenfeldt on June 11, 1921, in Clinton Iowa. She was born on January 5, 1893, in Wisconsin. She died in 1936.

Beryl Elizabeth Hubbart was born May 30, 1893, in Erie, the daughter of James P. Hubbart (1865-1932) and Celone Isabel (Fenton) Hubbart (1861-1899). She was married to Leslie Reade (1895-1937). They had two children, James Durrell Reade, born in 1921, and Frances Clare (Reade) Hall, born in 1927. Mr. Reade died in 1937.

Beryl Reade and William Henry Brotherson had been classmates in Erie. They were married and resided in Clinton, IA. Mr. Brotherson was employed at Gabriel Lumber and Fuel Co. in Clinton. Beryl Elizabeth (Hubbart) Reade Brotherson died June 10, 1962.

In 1963, Mr. Brotherson moved to Houston, TX, where he lived with his daughter, Jeane Brotherson Scott, and family for two years. On Dec. 6, 1965, Mr. Brotherson was married to Mary Radley Pichot.

Mr. Brotherson died Jan. 16, 1970. Although he is buried in Forest Park East Cemetery in League City, TX, he is remembered with a headstone at Erie Cemetery adjoining that of Beryl Brotherson.

(Information from Jeane Brotherson Scott)