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Erie Cemetery History Project

William Henry Brotherson (1868-1933)
Mary Ethel "Molly" (Saxton) Brotherson (1873-1936)
Wilma Caroline (Brotherson) Baxter (1913-1956)
William D. Baxter (1904-1956)
Caroline Chamberlain Saxton Steele (1842-1928)
Frank Steele (1852-1916)
George Saxton (1878-1893)
Margaret Rubina (Saxton) Pratt (1864-1950)
Manson W. Pratt (1863-1944)

William Henry Brotherson was born July 13, 1868, in Sharon, Portland Township, the son of Henry Jackson Brotherson and Rachel (Neer) Brotherson. He was a farmer.

Mary Ethel "Molly" Saxton was born July 20, 1873, in Como, the daughter of Kenneth E. and Caroline (Chamberlain) Saxton. She was married to William Henry Brotherson on September 29, 1892.

Mr. Brotherson operated a soda pop factory around 1914 near his residence on the corner of 10th Avenue and 6th Street in Erie. His son, Floyd, put caps on the bottles. Mr. Brotherson took the soda pop to fairs and founder's day celebrations with a team of horses. During the war, Mr. Brotherson closed the factory temporarily because he could not get sugar.

In later years he had one of the first automobiles, a two-cycle with the engine under the seat. Once, while driving, he let go of the controls when someone waved at him and ran into a tree.

Mr. and Mrs. Brotherson had two children, Floyd Henry, born Sept. 10, 1893, and Wilma Caroline, born July 17, 1913. The family also lived in Newton Township and later moved to Clinton, Iowa, where Mr. Brotherson worked for Gabriel Lumber and Fuel Co. He died December 5, 1933, at Iowa City, IA. His wife died June 25, 1936, in Clinton.

Wilma Caroline Brotherson was married to William D. Baxter, who was born on November 15, 1904. They resided in New Jersey. On October 5, 1956, they began a surprise visit to the Erie, IL, area, flying their private plane. They both died when their plane crashed into a mountain in Pennsylvania.

Caroline Chamberlain Saxton, the mother of Mary Ethyl (Saxton) Brotherson, was married to Frank Steele on Dec. 29, 1894. She died in 1928 and he died in 1916. Buried with them is Mrs. Steele's son, George (1878-1893). Mrs. Steele's daughter, Margaret Rubina (Saxton) Pratt (Nov. 2, 1964-June 13, 1950) and her husband, Manson W. Pratt (1863-Oct. 10, 1944) also are buried there. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt resided on a farm at Mt. Pleasant, IA, with their sons Fay and Vernon.

(Information from Jeane Brotherson Scott)