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Erie Cemetery History Project

Joseph Atwood (1806-1869)
Orpha (Whipple) Atwood (1805-1894)

Joseph Atwood (1806-1869) Orpha (Whipple) Atwood (1805-1894) Joseph Atwood was born January 4, 1806, at Woodstock, VT, the son of Joseph and Abigail Atwood. He was married in January of 1830 to Orpha Whipple. She was born November 17, 1805, in Windsor County, VT, the daughter of Moses and Polly (Eiot) Whipple.

Three children were born to them in Vermont. Joseph Atwood Jr. was born August 4, 1833 and died April 6, 1835. Horace D. Atwood was born December 4, 1837 and died March 23, 1843. Their only child to reach adulthood was Lenora A. Atwood, who was born December 31, 1835 and died April 23, 1917. She was married to Daniel Schryver.

Joseph and Orpha Atwood left Brookfield, VT, and on moving west by covered wagon, settled first in Ohio. After about three months, they continued their journey to St. Charles, IL, and a few months later, came to Erie, arriving in November of 1851. They settled in an area south of Erie that was known as Atwood’s Slough. They then moved in to Erie in what was Atwood Addition.

Joseph was a shoemaker in Erie, being the second man in Erie to engage in that line of business, Judge Teats being the first. He also had a few livestock.

Both Joseph and Orpha Atwood died in Erie, he on March 11, 1869, and she on June 14, 1894.

(From John Mogren’s “Schryver History.”)