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Erie Cemetery History Project

Dedicated to those who created the community of Erie, Illinois 61250.

Welcome to the Erie Cemetery History Project. The project began in 1998 when a storm severely damaged our cemetery. A group called "Friends of the Cemetery" was formed to coordinate cemetery restoration. Erie won a Governor's Home Town Award because of this group's hard work.

This history project was by initiated by the "Friends." Members started gathering information. The group originally intended to publish a book, but the internet offers a better way of sharing information about Erie Cemetery and the people buried there.

Use these links to visit our site:

Profiles of Those Buried at Erie Cemetery
Portrait Gallery
How to Submit Information
Some Family Names at Erie Cemetery
Donovan's Erie History e-Museum

This website owes much to the late Cliff Reisenbigler, whose book "Remembering Erie" has helped fill in some blanks.

This site is maintained by Donovan W. Hannis, Zama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan.
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