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Information contained in these pages is intended for genealogical research only, and I ask that you respect the privacy of those mentioned.  Please acknowledge the source of any information used from these pages. 
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Origin / History of the Rickman Name

Recorded in many spelling forms including Rich, Riche, Riches, Ritche, Rickman and Richman (English), Ruiche, Leriche, Ricq, (France), Ricci, Ricco, Richi and Richichi (Italy), Reich and Reicher, (Germany), Rico and Rica (Spain) and other countries, wherever it is first recorded and spelt, this interesting name has at least three distinct separate origins. Firstly, it may have developed from a nickname for a wealthy man, derived from pre 9th century Old French term ‘riche’, meaning wealthy. Secondly, the origin may be from a short form of the (originally) Germanic male personal name Richard. This very popular name was composed of the elements ‘ric’, meaning power, with ‘hard’, meaning hardy, brave, or strong. Finally, it may be of geographical or locational origins from the Germanic and also Olde English term ‘ric’, meaning a stream or channel, and hence indicating residence by such a stream. As a locational name it may derive from the ancient village now called Glynde Reach in the English county of Sussex, or from a now ‘lost’ place such as the former village of Riche in Leicestershire.

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Christian Names

Rickman Rebecca
Rickman William (c1740)
Rickman William (c1781)
Sources of Information:
1881 & 1891 Censuses ; Death Certificates;  Marriage Certificate ;  Parish Records ;  The Internet Surname Database

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