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Welcome to England World's website!!

This site is being created by the folk of England World to share who we are and what we like with everyone.

The site is still under construction so please bear with us for the time being.

England World is based in the Acive Worlds Universe.  Click here to go to the Active Worlds website.

England World is a community made up of friends who have met in a virtual universe called Active Worlds.  We meet, chat and celebrate life in a world which we have built over the last 7 years.

Although we are called England World our members originate from every corner of the Earth in fact finding a Britt in England World can sometimes be quite rare!!  So wherever you are from come in and meet us!

While this website is being built any questions can be sent via Gram to citizen Snoz.  Any suggestions about possible content for this site are very very welcome. 

If any England World people want to contribute to this site then e-mail me some typed stuff and as if by magic it will appear!!