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This is the mini-scrapbook of my trip to Toronto in October of 2003 to see This is Our Youth, starring Marcello Cabezas, Marya Delver, and Fabrizio Filippo. Enjoy.

  • Journal Entry from the evening in question, transcribed precisely. You can probably tell just by reading it how insanely excited I was.

  • Further Comments:
    "I'm writing this section just over two months after the experience, and it still brings me a lot of joy remembering it. (Warning: you are entering a total Fab-love zone. Hardhats recommended.) The reason I'm adding this is because I continue to be struck by how open Fabrizio is. What I mean is . . . well, compare my meeting him to my meeting Gale (not that I'm complaining!). When I met Gale Harold, I was frankly terrified, and I wanted nothing more than to get it over with because I was so intimidated. But with Fabrizio . . . before I said anything at all, he asked me my name, and put out his hand to shake mine. There was never a point where I felt foolish or that I was infringing on him somehow. He asked all the questions, and was interested in me, as a person, not just an anonymous admirer. He was just geniunely friendly and appreciative. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of another celebrity being as approachable as he is. Lucky us, that our favourite celebrity also happens to be a great guy. (Okay, schmaltz overwith.)"

  • I'm the one on the right. I asked permission before posting this pic. And Mr. Filippo was generous enough to grant it, under the condition that "You don't put my face on someone else's naked body." As if there's anyone else whose naked body I'd rather see . . . And tell me something, how is it that stars always manage not to get redeye?? Oh, and somebody remind me to hurry up and scan Fab's autograph. It's been over a year. I should really get on that.

  • So this, obviously, is Gale Harold's autograph. It currently resides in a frame on my wall beside the 8x10 blowup version of that photo (complete with redeye removal, lol). I don't know what else to say about meeting Gale, except that I'm still extremely proud of myself for having the junk to approach him.

  • And if you'd like a second opinion, here's Min's Report of the same evening. I was standing nearby waiting my turn and witnessed a lot of her story, never realizing that I was looking right at a friend of mine from the QAF No Limits forum. Small world.

    And that's about the size of it. If anyone has any questions for me about that night, or if you just want to share your own Fab story, I'm always available to chat about it. Don't hesitate to email.

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