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Elder Care:

Caring For Your Aged Loved Ones

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Advice from an RN

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This site is a free and simple "how to" guide for obtaining the best in nursing care for your aged loved ones. There's some advice on elder care from an RN, and tips on caring for the caregiver. Family members, CNA's, nursing and CNA teachers and students are welcome here! Take what you need and use it however you like.

So sit back in our comfy "on-line rocker" and make yourself at home! We hope you will find something here to help both you and those you care for,whether you are a professional caregiver (nurse, nursing assistant or homemaker) or the family member of an aging person.


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Site Map:

The Process of Aging

Care For The Caregiver     Choosing a Nursing Home

Abuse in the Nursing Home     Letter To My Caregivers

Dementia In The Elderly     Depression In The Elderly

Handling Difficult Situations     Reality Orientation

     Death and Dying

Links to Other Resources

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