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The following letter was published in the Morton Bay Courier, 7th May 1853.

To the Editor of the Moreton Bay Courier.

SIR, - The districts of Wellingrove and Tenterfield have been for some time in a state of alarm by the presence of a daring bushranger, committing rape upon defenseless women; housebreaking, horse stealing and minor thefts. During two years he has twice escaped from the Wellingrove lock-up, and is now committing depredations in the vicinity of Warwick, where he has been traced by the undersigned, one of the police, who is now in pursuit of him.

His description is as follows: Name - Thomas Haywood, alias John Haywood; Ship - Hashemy; Year of Arrival - 1849; Native Place - Staffordshire; Trade or Calling - Waggoner; Age - 27; Height - Five feet six inches; Complexion - Dark sallow; Hair - Dark Brown; Eyes - Hazel, very full; General remarks - small round scar top of right side of forehead - scar, centre of upper lip - dark natural mark, right side of same - small dark mole, centre of breast.

Believing I confer a favour on the public by sending you the above for publication, and that you will so regard it, and give it your earliest attention.

I am, sir, / Your obedient servant,

Charles D. Eastaughffe Trooper,

Wellington Police, New England.

Wellingrove, April 25th, 1853.

Charles Douglas Eastaughffe (1800 - 1885).

Newspaper letter by CDE.

Obituary of Charles Douglas Eastaughffe.

Alexander Albert Eastaughffe.

Frank Eric Eastaughffe.   Not completed yet.

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