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The Eastaughffe Family History.

Gigoom Pastoral Company.

Gigoom was a three and a half thousand acre property run by my Grandparents, Frank and Molly Eastaughffe. It was situated approximatly ten miles from Childers in Queensland.

The article below is a news clipping published when the property was sold. It is dated 17th of February 1979. I believe it was from the Isis Recorder. Some paragraphs were clipped for brevity.



(Note – This is incorrect, the correct initials were M. A. )

3552 Acres freehold Forest Country, Unstocked, with only improvements sold for $ 113,050 .

One 1928 Model Studebaker Erskine Tourer Car for $ 2,100 .

On Saturday last, Joe Delaney and Son, Auctioneers, offered on the property “Gigoom Pastoral Company” by public auction, firstly as one lot, but as it did not reach the reserve, it was then offered in five different lots when the bidding was keen and very brisk and every block was sold under the hammer to four different purchasers and realised a very satisfactory figure of $113,050 .

The household furniture, sundries, etc, also made a total clearance under the hammer with a small kerosene refrigerator realising $85 .

A percentage of cattle on the property which was sold at Delaneys' cattle sale last Saturday week, carried the old pioneer family stock fire brand EOZ ( E sideways).


Gigoom Pastoral Company was selected by the late Mr Alexander Eastaughffe. in 1904 and after his death went to Mr Frank E. Eastaughffe, his son who carried on grazing until his death in 1978.

After that, the late Mr Frank Eastaughffe's wife managed and continued on until last Saturday, the day of the auction.

The late Mr, Frank Eastaughffe was a member of the Isis Shire Council for 34 years, being chairman for four terms.

During the late Mr, Eastaughffe's term as a councillor and chairman, he was honoured by the Queen as one of the Queenslanders to receive a Coronation Medal for his services to local authority.

Charles Douglas Eastaughffe (1800 - 1885).

Newspaper letter by CDE.

Obituary of Charles Douglas Eastaughffe.

Alexander Albert Eastaughffe.

Frank Eric Eastaughffe.   Not completed yet.

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