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Alexander Albert Eastaughffe.

Born 19 May 1858.

Baptised by the Rev Benjamin Glennie at Dalby on 23 May 1858.
Alex married Anne Matilda Healey, born 26 March 1859 in Dalby.
Her parents were John and Ann (nee Keys) Healey. Her father was 29 years old at her birth, born in County Galway, Ireland. Occupation, Labourer. (Some family members stated that John Healey was also Mayor of Dalby. Can anyone confirm.) Her parents married on 6 Feb 1855 in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, Ireland, which was her mother's birth place. Anne's mother was also 29 at her birth. Anne had two sisters, Mary Isabella and Sarah Jane. On Alexander Albert's birth certificate, his father's (Charles Douglas) occupation is listed as Auctioneer.
Alexander Eastaughffe is listed in the Queensland State Library Archives under the heading, Index to Persons called before Queensland Government Committees (1902-1920). It lists his occupation as Cane Farmer, Commission Agent, and Secretary of the Canegrowers' Association. The case refered to is “Pacific Islanders”, Reference is 1906/v.2 and pages are 545 and 546. Any further information would be appreciated.
Alex and Anne had 17 children, including four sets of twins. The first two were stillborn twins, a boy and a girl, although other family members said it was two girls.
Surviving children were…

Albert John Eastaughffe
Born 21-Nov-1879. Nerang, Queensland.
Married ??? 1900 to Mary Amelia Mann
Died ?
The Sydney Morning Herald 1st March 1900, listed Albert in "THE OFFICIAL ROLL, of the full complement of Officers and Men proceeding on active service to South Africa today". (The Boer War).  Link to Govenment Archive site.
His rank is listed as "Trooper", B Squadron.
The Australian War Memorial web site notes that he was a member of the NSW CITIZENS' BUSHMEN, and he was invalidated back to Australia, arriving 6th August, 1900.

Jessie Eveline Eastaughffe
Born 19-October 1881. Nerang, Queensland.
Married 27-November-1901 to Thomas F Reynolds.
Died 1945

Lillian Ellen Eastaughffe
Born 13 Sept. 1883. Nerang, Queensland.
Married Joseph Sweeney 4 Feb 1913.
Died 1967, Sydney, NSW.

Annie Beatrice Eastaughffe
Born 21-July-1885. Queensland.
Married Mr Jens Peterson.
Died 26-July-1968 Queensland.

Alexander Douglas Eastaughffe
Born 22-July-1887. Queensland.
Married 8-May-1911 Norah Prudence Walke
Died 1970.

Herbert Vincent Eastaughffe
Born 11-August-1889. Queensland.
Married Elsie Caroline Neale 14 March 1917
Died 13-November-1968 . Queensland.

Cyril Ernest Eastaughffe
Born 2- July -1891. Queensland.
Married Alice Brougham 27 Sept 1916

Florence Pearl Eastaughffe
Born 15-Jan-1893. Queensland.?
Married Mr Oscar Seaton Watson 10 April 1917

Clement Eastaughffe
Born 4-April-1895 Queensland.
Twin with Leslie Charles.

Leslie Charles Eastaughffe
Twin with Clement.
Born 4-April-1895 Murwillumbah NSW.
Married in England 7th Feb. 1918.
Died 29th June 1981.

Margaret Olive Eastaughffe
Twin with Frederick Hilary.
Born 13-Nov-1897. Dungay. NSW.
Married 20-March-1917 Daniel Gerard McSweeney. Brisbane, Queensland.
Married 1977, Patrick O'Connor, Sydney, NSW.
Died 3-Sept-1991 , Sydney, NSW.

Frederick Hilary Eastaughffe
Twin with Margaret Olive.
Born 13 Nov.1897 Dungay, New South Wales.
Died. Queensland.

Lydia Elspa May
Born 13-May-1899. Dungay, NSW.
Married Richard Lester Ker Oaks on 25 June 1919.

Francis Eric Eastaughffe
Born 18-August-1903. Twin with Joseph Harold.
Married Mary Agnes (Mollie) Carrig.
Died Childers 1976.

Joseph Harold Eastaughffe
Born 18 Aug 1903. Twin with Francis Eric.
Married 17 March 26 to Ellen 'Nellie' Mary O'Connor (Ellen was born 11 Nov 1906, Died 5 May 1987 )
Died 9 May 73.

The children were not always called by their first names. Fredrick Hilary was known to us as Hilary, Joseph Harold was known as Harold, and I think the same was true of Pearl, Elspa, and Olive.  But these are memories from my childhood, so the details could be wrong.
(P.S. I think the Olive I remember was a sister-in-law, not one of the children.)
At least one brother was at Galipolli and I think it was Leslie, can anyone confirm. He was awarded a bravery medal for pushing a burning ammunition cart into a trench, thus saving dozens of his comrades. He (or another brother ) also witnessed the death of The Red Baron, (Manfred Von Richthofen) who was shot down over The Somme, France in April 1918.

I'd like to thank Megan Eastaughffe for supplying the original list of decendents, and Thomas Gaven who supplied most of the marriage details.
Most of the birthplace details came from the Latter Day Saints online records.

Charles Douglas Eastaughffe (1800 - 1885).

Newspaper letter by CDE.

Obituary of Charles Douglas Eastaughffe.

Alexander Albert Eastaughffe.

Frank Eric Eastaughffe.   Not completed yet.

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