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The Eastaughffe Family History.

From 18th Century Scotland to present day Australia.

Welcome to . My name is Denis O'Leary and I am the son of Monica Eastaughffe who was born in Childers, Queensland. I hope that this site will help with research of the Eastaughffe family throughout the world. If you have information you would like to add, or if you can confirm or rebut any of these details, I would be glad to hear from you.  If you have a webpages for your own branch of the family, please let me know the site address and I will add a link for you.  If you would like your email listed on this site to help other researchers, please let me know.  (See note below about avoiding junk email.)

The oldest Eastaughffe reference I have, is for Charles Douglas Eastaughffe born in Inverness Scotland in 1772.  His wife was Jessie, surname unknown, born in 1776.   They were married in 1797.
Their son was also Charles Douglas Eastaughffe. 1800?-1885 .
His son was Alexander Albert Eastaughffe. 1858 - 1930 .
My Grandfather was Frank Eric Eastaughffe. 1903 - 1976 . (Previously listed incorrectly as Frank Edward.)
I also wonder if there is any connection with some other similar names worldwide.   There are several Eastoff families ( plus a few Eastoff streets etc) in the United States. Some of these names go back to the 1600s.  I have also found the Eastaff name in England.  If any members of these families want to compare notes, please feel free to email or write to me.
Denis O'Leary,

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Charles Douglas Eastaughffe (1800 - 1885).

Newspaper letter by CDE.

Gigoom Pastoral Company

Obituary of Charles Douglas Eastaughffe.

Alexander Albert Eastaughffe.

Frank Eric Eastaughffe.   Not completed yet. See Gigoom link.

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