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"The Storyteller"




Acclaimed by both critics and readers alike for her unique contributions to inspirational literature, B. J. Hoff insists that she is, first and foremost, a “teller of stories.” In fact, many of her readers refer to her as . . .

“The Storyteller”

"I bring you with reverent hands
The books of my numberless dreams."

                                             - W.B. Yeats

Meet B.J. Hoff

*New Feature!      Writing His-Story: Thoughts on Historical Fiction, by B.J. Hoff

Now Available: CADENCE 

Book 2 of the American Anthem Trilogy,  by B.J. Hoff
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*New Feature!  Reader's Guide for Cadence


Cadence takes you on an unforgettable ride through the bustling world of nineteenth-century New York: the glittering rooms of stately mansions and opera houses . . . a magical, snowy Central Park where fur-clad lovers huddle close and share their feelings--and their fears--a squalid apartment where ragged children care for their opium-addicted mother.  Against this backdrop unfolds a poignant story of men and women struggling through fear and doubt toward enduring faith and triumphant love.


by B.J. Hoff

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*New Feature!  Reader's Guide for Prelude

The new, colossal saga that follows the lives and loves and dreams of those who might have been our ancestors. From the crowded tenements of nineteenth-century New York City to the opulent mansions of the Hudson River Valley, Prelude is populated by an unforgettable cast, including a blind musician; a self-sacrificing physician; a struggling immigrant family; a runaway orphan and her unlikely friend; famous hymn writer, Fanny Crosby; and passionate evangelist, D. L. Moody. Here is a spirited story of romance, faith, and survival—a story that lets you step into another time and live there with people you’ll never forget, people you will grow to love. A story to make your heart sing, told in classic B.J. Hoff style.

“An eloquently told story that weaves history, music, faith and intrigue . . . an absolute pleasure."

- Christian Retailing

“The story gently unfolds with intriguing characters, and the sound of music, which Hoff manages to make fly off the pages with her glorious and passionate descriptions."

- Christian Library Journal


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