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Welcome to My Humble Folk Nuts Abode

You have just accessed the Home Web Site of the NEXT BIG CRAZE of COLLECTIBLES!

Each of our FOLK NUTS are Handmade and Each is an Original. Every FOLK NUT is individually named and each have their own unique personality.

FOLK NUTS are Awesome Conversational Pieces and make Great Collecter Items! Be sure to check out all 5 pages to see the great collection we have.

FOLK NUTS are not considered toys and should be kept away from small children. They are fragile and contain many small pieces. Please use with caution around children.


Casino Joe plans to hit the Big Time! Watch him play the slots and maybe if he wins, he will share!

Casino Jo is one of a kind and measures approximately 5 Inches in width, depth and height.

Price: $15.00 plus $4.00 Shipping/Handling


SORRY...THIS ONE HAS BEEN SOLD! Oscar is getting his weekly Saturday night bath. He is all prepared with his bath toys, loofa brush, soap, and refreshments.

Oscar, like each of the Folk Nuts, is unique. He measures approximate 5 inches in height, 6 inches in length and 4 inches wide.

He is so Cute, you are going to just love Oscar!
Price: $15.00 plus $4.00 Shipping/Handling


Lazy Daisy is just that...Lazy! She swings in her hammock all day long!

Watch her swing and relieve stress! Daisy measures 3 inches wide and in height and 4 1/2 inches in length.

Price: $10.00 plus $4.00 S.& H.

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