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Defenders of ATWA (Air.Trees.Water.Animals)


ATWA/Charles Manson
Truth abut Charles Manson
Save the Redwoods
Sea Shepherd
Defenders of the Wildlife
Farm Sanctuary
Compassion over Killing
In Defense of Animals
The Fund for Animals
Alley Cat Rescue
Farm USA
Alley Cat Allies
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Earth First
Int'l Fund for Animal Welfare
Humane Society
Anti Vivisection
National Anti Vivisection
Earth Justice
Earth Island Institute
Save the Manatee

Discussion Group

"Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment / test on or for our sport or entertainment. We are all intertwined and one with the Universe. We are apart of nature not apart from nature. ATWA(Air.Trees.Water.Animals) is our only truth. ATWA is your love. Follow your love, do what it tells you to do. There is NO COMPROMISE when it comes to saving ATWA. Do everything in your power to save the Air, Trees, Water and Animals (ATWA). Rise up and we WILL win the fight for ATWA." This site has been developed as a clearinghouse of information about our air, trees, water and animals. It will include information on what you can do to defend ATWA as well as news from the world of animal liberation and eco defense. If you have happened upon this site, I can only assume that you have an interest in defending ATWA. I do hope that you will rise above the present state of things and dedicate yourself to defending ATWA. Humans are not above nature, or apart from nature. Rather, we are all apart OF nature.