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Philli Fakeouts

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Upcoming Shows:


1-Dec. 26th 2002: -Peabody's-(Davenport IA) with Stain on Society, Better Than Yesterday and FWC.

2-Jan. 2nd 2003: -Dillon Smiths House-(Davenport IA) with NuttKrackaSweet, Hummdigga, and Andrew Lopez(solo).

3-Jan. 29th 2003: -Central High BOTB-(Davenport IA)
1)Philli Fakeouts
2)Blind Theory
with: Stain on Society, Government Fluff, Corporate Rock, Days of a New Revelution, Badd Examples, Whack-a-Doo, GoodFellas, Lyrical Dinner, Mallidous, Assfacists.

4-Feb. 14th 2003: -Peabody's-(Davenport IA) with Found Broken, Stain On Society, Since 17, and FWC.

5-Mar. 1st 2003: -Peabody's-(Davenport IA) with Found Broken and Unusable Signal

6-Mar. 13th 2003: -Peabody's-(Davenport IA) with ID and Chris Lorang(solo)

7-May 16th 2003: -Eagle Reception Hall-(Rock Island IL) with Duck And Cover, X is For Hoping, Embers Of You, The Angsted and Stick Figure Angels

8-May 31st 2003:-Peabody's-(Davenport IA) With Government Fluff, Silent Fall, Embers of You, Stain On Society, and Assfacists.

9-June 7th 2003: -Lumpy's-(Davenport IA) With Bull Goose Loony, and Pergatory

10-July 17th 2003: -Peabodys-(Davenport IA) with Funks G, Toxic Skull, Time And Distance, Anthem, and Silent Fall.

11-Aug. 4th 2003: -Peabodys-(Davenport IA) with Stoic, Embers of You and Unusable Signal.

12-Aug. 23rd 2003: -Peabody's-(Davenport IA) With From the Wreckage, X is for Hoping, 2nd Best, Embers of you, Stoic, Half The Facts, Lying On Embers, Since 17, Bull Goose Loony, Silent Fall, Another Damn Day, Terminus.

13-Sept. 13th 2003: -FOE-(Carbon Cliff IL) with The Angsted, Missing In Action, Gangrene, and 7Dates13.

14-Oct. 25th 2003: -Lumpy's-(Davenport IA) with The Skamikazies, The Angsted, Torn From Thy Hands, Five Star Sequel, Better Than Yesterday, and Quarentine.

15-Jan. 17th 2004: -Riverside Brewing Company-(Clinton IA) with Fabrication and Another Damn Day

16-Jan. 28th 2004: -Central High BOTB-(Davenport IA)
1) Silent Fall
2) Philli Fakeouts
3) In Theory
with: Another Damn Day, Ishmeal, Angry Dwarfs, Neon Grea, Procure, Tempest.

17-Feb. 14th 2004: -Killers- (Aledo, IL) with Missing in Action.

18- Mar. 23rd 2004: -Gabe's Oasis- (Iowa City, IA) with Murphy's Law, The Branded Ones, and Police Cops.

19-Sept. 14th 2004: -UAW Hall- (Rock Island IL)with Thought Riot, Pisst, The Angsted, Missing in Action, Any Minute Now.

20- Mar. 23rd 2005: -Gabe's Oasis- (Iowa City, IA) with Against Me!, Smoke of Fire, and The Loved Ones.

21- Apr. 22nd 2005: -Hubbard Park- (Iowa City, IA) with the Junior Varsity, The Lifestyle, Five Star Sequel.

22-June 18th 2005: -Gabes Oasis- (Iowa City, IA) with Nekromantix and the Henchmen.

23- July 11th 2005: -American Legion- (E. Moline, IL) with the Agrestix, The N.M.E., The Clique, and J.C. Finger.

24- Sep. 2nd 2005: -Gabes Oasis- (Iowa City, IA) with Catch 22, A Wilhelm Scream, and Whole Wheat Bread.

25- Oct. 22nd 2005: -Quad City Live- (Davenport, IA) with The Agrestix, The Clique, J.C. Finger, The N.M.E.

26- Oct. 3oth 2005: -Caras Studio- (Moline, IL) with In The Rouge Blood, Hit The Ground Dead, Leg Up Cut Up, Law Of All Ends, Soldier, Breaker! Breaker!, and Witness To A Murder

27- March 15th 2006: -Gabes Oasis- (Iowa City, IA) with The Lawrence Arms, Blackout Pact, and Latterman.