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Quilted Items
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            Quilted_America.jpg (36078 bytes)              Quilted_angel.jpg (24638 bytes)                 Quilted_Santa.jpg (22267 bytes)        

          Quilted America                Quilted Angel                Quilted Santa
      (3 1/2" tall x 3" wide)     (3" tall x 3 1/2" wide)        (3" tall x 3 1/2" wide)
                   $5.00                            $5.00                                $5.00


            Quilted_Snowman.jpg (29072 bytes)               star_square.jpg (25937 bytes)                 quilted_square.jpg (13683 bytes)            

        Quilted Snowman                Star Square                Christmas Square
    (3 1/2" tall x 3" wide)                (5" square)                       (9" square)
                $5.00                                $5.00                                $10.00



This is a recently finished tablerunner.  It is appliquéd and quilted by hand.  It would make a beautiful addition to any table.  Dimensions are 40" x 14").  $35.00



house_wallhanging.jpg (38154 bytes)

This quilted wallhanging was made for a friend of mine that was getting married.  I embroidered their names and the date on the quilt.  I would be happy to make one like this for you.  I am going to estimate the dimensions at 36" x 48".  $100.00