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As a young traditional instrumentalist, Danny brings
the old Irish and Scottish "Feel" to the music using
something he describes as "In my blood."
Danny plays the Mandolin, the larger Octave Mandolin,
the Anglo Concertina, the tenor banjo, and the Banjolele.
Starting his musical life playing instumental Celtic music
at house parties and small get-togethers, Danny and his dad have
"Ventured" out into the public eye, even recording a CD titled "Something Real," in their hometown Caro, in the "Thumb" of Michigan.

The CD features fifteen celtic selections.
Danny's father Terry plays the guitar, bouzouki, and fiddle on some cuts.

"Something Real"


The Lilting Banshee
Off To California
Hector The Hero
The Red Haired Boy
Last Night They Stole My Wife
The Shores Of Amerikay
The Road To Lisdoonvarna
Margaret's Waltz
The Rushy Mountain Medley
The Full Rigged Ship
The Highland Lass Going To The Fair
Donegal Mazurka
The Lima Schottiche
Sodden And Silent
The Dark Island
Bottom Of The Punchbowl
Ryan's Favorite
Captain Campbell

Danny Bell, Terry Bell, and Dee Dee Tibbits
at the 2005 Snowfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Danny's Banjolele, Mandolin, Concertina, and Octave Mandolin


June 9 - Atwood Park, Caro, Michigan
June 25 - Private Party
July 16 - Private
July 21 - Atwood Park, Caro, Michigan
August 27 - Midland Dulcimer Festival, Midland, Mi
October - Pumpkin Festival, Caro, Michigan

"The Early Years" Bad Axe, Michigan
Uncle Steve- fiddle, Lil' Danny- harmonica, Dad Terry- piano, Uncle Rod- whistle.

Danny, Fiddler Alvin Pogel, and Terry Bell having fun swapping tunes.

Hot Fun In The Summer

Cold Fun In The Fall - The Tuscola County Pumpkin Festival


To describe Celtic Music is a challenge. Celtic music could be called the folk music of the Celts, though only some people in remote areas of Ireland in Scotland could be called Celts, and the old music, the ancient music, is of course unrecorded. Traditional music is a vague description, too. Because what is traditional is always changing, though somewhat more available on recordings. Some people are content to comment, "That's how my grandpa played," or "It makes you wanna dance." There's no denying that good music can be judged on its ability to make you move. In the days of early America, the new music in the new world would, in time, serve as the foundation for today's country and rock music. Long before Colonial days, European harp players were judged on their ability to make you move, swoon, and sleep. Danny seems to send these musical messages with his playing. It's as if his ancestors have handed him something special. It's something a little more than music. You can hear it when his concertina is singing a slow tune or feel it in the rat-a-tat of his banjolele (banjo-lay-lee). Sometimes you can sense it in the air. It's hard to define, but it's something real.

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Danny is a member of the
Irish Traditional Music Webring.
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