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The Styles Group Media and Entertainment
PO Box 888671
Dallas, TX
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Your Tag Board

ebe01: This is where your example text would go when you use your tag board.
alienhed: Yep, here's another sample tag inserted into your tag board!!
ebe01: And here's another tag added talking about how great your site is.
alienhed: This text is just an example inserted into a basic form. It's not a real tag board.
ebe01: But, you have a tag board PHP script that was included with this template.

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Place anything interesting about your site here. This can be anything you like. Make sure that you include a link so that your visitors can navigate to the Point of Interest easily.

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 Other Interesting Things
This could be a place to talk about your online friends and their web sites. You should also place a site link so that your visitors can visit the site. However, make sure that it opens in a new window so that they never really leave your site ;o) !

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