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Gamecock Breeds

What is the difference between a Gamechicken and a Barnyard?

Many of our customers ask us this. What most people don't know is there are several classes and breeds of chickens. One of these classes is the Gamechicken or Fighting Cock class.

True that all chickens can and some will fight to the death the difference between games and barnyards is the bird's build, brain, will, and temper.

A barnyard rooster is fat, slow, thinks slow, has no will to fight for a long period. And often the Barnyard rooster is easy tempered and often he will rather make "friends" with the other roosters in the yard. While the gamecock is foul tempered picking fights with other roosters, he is loud and crows often, his body weight is almost entirely muscle with very little fat, he moves fast, he is always thinking, he is determined to kill his enemies. And his hens are willing to fight other hens and even roosters. Both hen and cock are very "leggy" they stand tall and some have long snake like necks and small wedge shaped heads.

True also that some barnyards and oddities possess some of these qualities they don't have them all.

Black Breasted Reds

American Pyle


Red Japs

Golden Comet Somoans

Seb-chin Cutter