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The Horton Family

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John Horton, had been a clothier in Lullington on the Somerset side of Frome but settled in Iford on the Wiltshire side.  He died in 1497 leaving three sons.  His youngest son entered the Church.

His second son, Thomas, prospered as a manufacturer and accumulated considerable property at Bradford, Trowbridge, Keevil, Chippenham, Box and elsewhere.  He died at his house in Westwood, Iford in 1530. His heir was his nephew, Thomas, son of his brother William.

Thomas married Margerie Barkesdale the daughter of Thomas Barkesdale another wealthy clothier from Keevil.  This Thomas Horton died in 1549 after being actively involved in clothiery.  He left two sons Edward and William.  William married Johanna (Joan) Bailey. the daughter of Thomas Bailey who was a wealthy clothier of Trowbridge. William and Johanne (Joan) appear to have had 14 children.



Victoria Histories of Wiltshire

Visitation of Wiltshire 1623

Will of William Horton 1579

Will of Thomas Horton 1549

Descendants of Roger Horton

            1Roger Horton

  +Alice St Pierre b: in Croxall Derbyshire

               2  William Horton 1403 -            b: 1403 in Croxall Derbyshire

                   3 John Horton d: 1497 Fact 1: de Lullington, Somerset

                       4  Thomas Horton d: August 14, 1530 Merchant of Iford (clothier)  b: in Iford

                           +Mary Lucas

                           5  William Horton  Clothier of Iford Mill

                        4 Maria Horton  + William Rogers: de Bradford

                        4  James Horton a priest

                        4  William Horton: de Lullington and of Iford +Rachell

                            5  Joan Horton +Marston

                             5  Thomas Horton 1501 - 1549 d: 1549 in London  Clothier of Iford

                                 +Margerie Barkesdale of Keevil (clothier family)

                                  6  Maud Horton d: 1596

                                      +Walter Busher  *2nd Husband of Maud Horton:

                                      +Christopher Bayley

                                  6 Edward Horton de Westwood, Wilts +Alice Maye

                                  6  Maria Horton +Henry Longe de Waddon

.                                 6  William Horton d: 1579  de Iford, clothier +Joan Bayley

                          7  Jeremy Horton 6th son +Ann Maye

                                          8 Edward Horton +Miss Hopton

                                           8  Jeremy Horton

                                           8 John Horton  of Broughton +Jane Hannam

                                               9  Thomas Horton  b.1613-    +Elizabeth Mrs Baker

                                                   *2nd Wife of Jeremy Horton:

                                         7  Isaac Horton  5th son

                                         7  Edward Horton  4th son

                                         7  John Horton   3rd son      

                                         7  William Horton  of Iford

                                             +Margaret Dackom

                                              8  Robert Horton

                                              8 William Horton

                                              8  Edward Horton

                                                  9 Roger  Horton +Amy Manne

                                                  9 Robert Horton +Elizabeth James of Coker in Dorset

                                                     10  Toby Horton b. 1621

                                                     10  John Horton b: 1622

                                                 9  John Horton of Woolverton, Somerset +Maria Copleston

                                                     10  John Horton b: 1615

                                                     10  Henry Horton b: 1619

                                                     10  Copston Horton b: 1620

                                                     10  Thomas Horton b: 1621

                                                     10 Ursula Horton

                                                     10 Melior Horton

                                                     10  Maria Horton

                                                  9  Toby Horton of Iford +Barbara Farwell

                                                      10  Toby Horton b: 1601 +Margaret Catchman

                                                      10 Edward Horton b: 1603

                                                      10  Henry Horton b: 1607

                                                      10  John Horton b: 1609

                                                      10  Dorothy Horton

                                                8  John Horton

                                            7  Thomas Horton d: 1530 sine prole in Westwood

                                            7  Suzann Horton

                                            7  Mary Horton

                                            7  Agnes Horton

                                            7  Margery Horton

                                            7  Mary Horton

                                            7  Alys Horton

                                            7  Margaret Horton

                                            7 Katharine Horton

                                         6 Agnes Horton +Henry Winchcombe de  Newbury

                                            7  Thomas Winchcombe d: 1599 in Marlborough, Clothier

                                                +Susan (Susan Horton -cousin?)

                                                 8  Edward  Winchcombe

                                                 8  John Winchcombe

                                                 8  Alice Winchcombe +William Millington

                                                     b. 1596 m: 1619 in Mildenhall, Basingstoke

                                            6  Alice Horton +Thomas Yerbury

                                               (John Yerbury son of Jn Yerbury at Iford Mill in 1625)

                                        5  Alice Horton

                                    4  Roger Horton b: in Croxall Derbyshire

                               3  Roger Horton  b: in Croxall Derbyshire 

                                   *2nd Wife of Roger Horton: +Anne Curzon

                               3  Son Horton  b: in Croxall Derbyshire

                        2  Alice Horton

                        2 Anne Horton



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