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"Hello and welcome to my Personal Web Site."

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This is my first web site that I have built using HTML. I have done simple pages before with programs supplied with ISP's web space but hope to continue to use HTML and improve this site over time.

About me
I am a 51 year old male currently living in London, UK.

I am 5'8" (173cms) tall, weigh approx 14 stone (89kgs), balding and wear glasses for reading and computer work.

My weight is a few pounds over for my height. I am dieting to get it down and doing light exercising.

I am an Admin Manager with a team of Local Authority Social Workers. I am the person who makes sure they have everything to do their job. I have three staff. I am also the first person they come to when they have a problem with their computers.
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My interests

The following is a list of my current interests. They are set out in no particular order and computing is the only item that has more of my time than the others put together.

I like to read science and fantasy fiction. I am currently a big fan of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and as of writing think I have all his books with four still to read. I used to read avidly and would think nothing of having 2 or 3 books on the go at once.

I have just begun to trace my family tree. I have only got to my grandparents so far but I can see that it is going to be an absorbing pastime. It will involve a lot of travelling back to Hampshire Cities of Portsmouth and Winchester but I am sure that it will be very interesting and worthwhile.

I like to watch television, probably too much. My preference is for Police Dramas, Archeaology and History programmes, Science Fiction series and DIY and Garden Makeover programmes. I also buy the occasional DVD along the same lines as the TV I watch.

I like to cook although not often to recipes. I mainly buy some ingredients and do my best to conjour up something tasty. If I do use a recipe sometimes but I never blindly follow the instructions. The adverse thing about me cooking is I do not like cleaning up afterwards.

Computing and the Internet are my main interest. I spend a lot of time on the PC. Usually surfing or chatting. I am also on the PC at work where I appear to be the local 'expert' and often do searches for items on the internet that are useful to our work. I also have the jobof designing forms and leaflets for our work.

At home my PC has a 1.3Mhz DDR Athlon chip, 60Gb hard drive with 256Mb memory. It comes with the usual DVD and CD players plus surround sound system, a 64Mb Geforce2 MX graphics card and a 19" CRT monitor.

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Potted history

I was born in 1951 in Portsmouth, Hampshire and spent my life there until I was 13 which was when my parents died. I moved up to, Purbrook, a small town outside Portsmouth to live with an aunty and her family until I was 17 when I joined the Royal Air Force.

This lasted a couple of years and then I worked in restaurants for another couple of years until eventually this took me to London in about 1972.

I had quite a few jobs up until 1977 when I joined what is now BT (British Telecom) as a clerical assistant in the contracts division.

I worked through several contract posts until about 1991 when I moved over to quality assurance. I ended up as the manager of a documentation team which I had to set up first. I left BT in 1993 after 15 years.

After taking a year off I started work as an administration manager working for a london borough in one of their social services teams. Iam responsible for the office support and sorting out any problems including the computers.

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Some photos of me
This photo of me was taken the same time as the one in About me above August 2002
The day was getting hotter so hence the change of clothes
As I said the day was getting hotter so off came the shirt.
This is how I am when I am on the computer

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Old images of my birthplace

The following are scans of some old postcards I found at a fair. They appealed to me because they were of places I knew, but not necessarily at the time they were produced.

Some of the things are still there although the surroundings have changed.

Canoe Lake, Southsea, Undated Church Parade, Southsea Common, 1910
Clarence Pier & Beach, Southsea, Undated Guildhall, Portsmouth, Undated
Parade Gardens & Common, Southsea, Undated Portsmouth War Memorial, Undated
Rock Gardens & South Parade Pier, Southsea, Undated Rock Gardens, Southsea, Undated
South Parade Beach, Southsea, Undated South Parade Esplanade, Southsea, 1921
South Parade Pier, Southsea, 1961 Clarence Beach from the Pier, Southsea, 1925
Southsea Common, Portsmouth, Undated Southsea Pier Hotel & Clarence Monument, Southsea, 1911
Swans on Canoe Lake, Southsea, 1909 Victoria Park, Portsmouth, 1925
Victoria Park Fish Pond, 1909 Victory's Anchor, Southsea Beach, Undated

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How to reach me

You can Email me at the following address:

Or why not message me if you have ICQ. My no: 166701378