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Mary Winifred (Winnie Coburn) Craven

She was born in 1899,

A ploughman’s girl was she,

Her mother Kate that April morn,

Was as proud as she could be.

She had brothers five and sisters eight,

They lived a simple life,

Her father ploughed the local fields,

To keep them all from strife.

When Mrs Nugent needed help,

To Dungooley she sent a plea,

For Winnie to join her sister Alice,

In Dublin’s fair city.

A letter came from Balregan hill,

A request for company,

When Winnie returned to Dungooley Cross,

Pat Craven came to see.

They married in Kilcurry Church,

Some 62 years ago,

They set up home on Balregan Hill,

And their love began to flow.

Their children came to fill their hearts,

With the sound of their tiny feet,

Winnie was so proud and full of joy,

Their lives were now complete.

With Sean and Nancy, Kathleen too,

Their children numbered three,

But far from complete around that time,

Was the Craven family.,p.

Along came Niall and Jim aswell,

With Paddy close behind,

To inherit the love of Pat and Winnie,

That stood the test of time.

A few years passed on Balregan Hill,

The time it really flew,

When Margaret and Mary came along,

Winnie’s dreams had all come true.

And now they’ve grown and left the home,

That shaped their destinies,

To find their loved ones far and wide,

And start their families.

Now there’s Woods’, O’Hanlons, Halpennys too,

In a family that changed and grew,

With Cravens and Conroys to add to that,

We all descend from you.

There were moments of sadness with loved ones lost,

Giving rise to sorrow and grief,

But never forget we all are here,

In our love may you find relief.

So we raise our glasses and drink a toast,

In your happiness we delight,

While we pray to heaven you will never forget,

The love that is yours tonight.

Richard O’Hanlon

27th of April 1989

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