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Cornelius and Catherine (Kate McNance) Coburn

Cornelius (Neil) Coburn married

Catherine (Kate) McNance (22)on 30/01/1882

He was born (see note at the end of the page) and died 22nd February 1924

She was born 1859 and died 27th August 1918 aged 59

	               Born             Baptised

Margaret (Maggie) 03/12/1882 03/12/1882
Hugh 12/02/1884 21/12/1883
John (Johnny) 16/02/1885 21/02/1885
Mary Catherine (Kate) 10/05/1886 25/04/1886
Anne (Nannie) 1887 01/10/1887
Ellen Jane (Ellie) 2?/06/1889 11/06/1889
Brigid (Delia) 06/01/1891 18/10/1890
Neil 02/06/1892 02/06/1892
Teresa 02/04/1894 02/04/1894
Alice 14/03/1895 15/03/1895
Patrick Joseph (Paddy) 17/10/1896 15/09/1896
Teresa (Lucy) 12/12/1897 1897
Mary Winifred (Winnie) 01/06/1899 1898
Mary Elizabeth (Bessie)14/12/1900 1900
Jim 16/08/1902 16/08/1902

Please note, these dates are correct even though some of the baptismal dates are earlier than the dates of birth, the reason being, the births had to be registered within a certain amount of time and if they were not then the parents had to pay a fine, hence the difference in the dates. For legal purposes these people would have used their registered dates but for church/family purposes they would have used their baptismal date.

It must also be noted that when deaths were registered there was no check as to birth dates so the register accepted the age given by the informant, which may have been totally incorrect.

Lastly, it is hard to know when Cornelius was born as the ages on the census returns don't agree.

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