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Coburn Reunion Night 19th March 2004

Fax from George Whyte

It is with pleasure that I greet you and congratulate you on your

forthcoming book on the Coburn Clan and family tree. I'm sure you have

done commendable research and the result will be a work that will make

members of the Coburn family even more happy and proud of their family,

historical, and religious roots. I wish I could join with you in Roche hall

for what will be another friendly and historic coming together of friends

and acquaintances. May God be with all those who have died since the last

one some years ago.

Greetings to all the Coburn clan but especially to my own family The Whytes.

George Whyte in South Africa La Le Padraig 2004

Poem written for the Coburn Reunion Night 2004

A gentle whisper,

Is in the air,

From those now dead and gone,

On this special night,

As we gather here,

We all will be as one

From near and far,

We all have come,

To keep this special date,

To have the craic,

And enjoy the fun,

As desendants of Neil and Kate.

So Dungooley Cross,

Will ring tonight,

With memories of yesteryear,

While we all dream,

Of days gone by,

And of those we held so dear.

So when we part,

With miles between,

I hope you all will see,

Come rain or shine,

Or grief or joy,

Together we will be.

Richard O’Hanlon

19th March 2004

Pictures from the Reunion Night

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