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webiconz: ayan webiconz: ok na... ives91583: lolz. ives91583: usap na kyo ChefTisoy: ok bro ChefTisoy: whats up webiconz: nothin much webiconz: so nakita ko n ung site mo... ChefTisoy: ok ChefTisoy: so anyway ChefTisoy: got sample? webiconz: ok webiconz: go to webiconz: click portfolio ChefTisoy: and tell me dirrect whats ur prize? webiconz: webiconz: any further questions.. just ask here webiconz: you want to view more? webiconz: webiconz: ChefTisoy: im checkin rite now webiconz: ives91583: webiconz: we develop basic to most advance websites webiconz: depends on ur requirement webiconz: <-- sample website for KFC that i made webiconz: proposal is still hanging up webiconz: i dont know what hapanned to their project... but anyway, its ok. ChefTisoy: how about something like the KFC? webiconz: yeah its no prob ChefTisoy: is there any link or logo gonna be like flash or they just be plain? webiconz: we can make a full flash, a non-flash or flash integrated on HTML. webiconz: its ur choice ChefTisoy: yah about the KFC ChefTisoy: is that just plain? ChefTisoy: anything moving? webiconz: yes its plain ChefTisoy: ok webiconz: but we can make some movements on it on the development webiconz: its just a screenshot ChefTisoy: ok so how much is that ChefTisoy: same as KFC? webiconz: with flash? webiconz: or just plain ChefTisoy: give both ChefTisoy: me* webiconz: HTML site only webiconz: Static Website Maximum of 15 pages Customized graphic design Professional web layout & high-quality images Price: Php 12,000 Additional Page: Php 800 Update: Php 500/page webiconz: HTML with flash webiconz: Dynamic Website Maximum of 15 pages Customized graphic design Professional web layout & high-quality images Flash animations Price: Php 18,000 Additional Page: Php 800 Update: Php 500/page webiconz: ur asking about the update ives91583: Update: Php 500/page - what's this? webiconz: well its definitely an optional one webiconz: if u want to update the website by time to time webiconz: let say... 3 months ago webiconz: and u want a new photo webiconz: u want an article/news to be put on the website webiconz: u will pay us 500/page ChefTisoy: so every page or like every link ChefTisoy: on 3 months ChefTisoy: basis ChefTisoy: ur asking fro 500? webiconz: basically we dont have specific time for updates ChefTisoy: per pages? webiconz: its up to you when u like to update ur website ChefTisoy: per picture? webiconz: per page webiconz: yes webiconz: per page ChefTisoy: but can someone else ChefTisoy: if ever ChefTisoy: can update it? ChefTisoy: maybe ives? ives91583: LOL webiconz: we dont give updates on anybody, webiconz: its our work and we are the one whos incharge of editing/updating it webiconz: go to our website and read some of our basic terms and agreement below ives91583: aw..okies. webiconz: you can see the link ChefTisoy: well ChefTisoy: doesn't sounds good ChefTisoy: if u gonna buy a car to me webiconz: if u want to edit it urself... maybe u will design ur own website ChefTisoy: after u give me the full amount of money webiconz: we're talking of a website here and not buying a car webiconz: if u want to update it on ur own.. ur not dealing with a static website webiconz: its a website which supports administrator login webiconz: to edit such details in the website webiconz: even the photos webiconz: etc. webiconz: we dont give the raw files because its our property webiconz: PRIVACY POLICY A. The source codes of the website will become the exclusive and intellectual property of the Developer. B. All materials, information and other content of the website remains to be the property and sole responsibility of the Client. webiconz: am i talking to someone? ChefTisoy: yah im here ives91583: lol ChefTisoy: so ChefTisoy: if u build a site ChefTisoy: meaning u or ur company ChefTisoy: logo ChefTisoy: or icon ChefTisoy: or policy ChefTisoy: will be run by ur company? webiconz: i didnt get it.. webiconz: pls elaborate ChefTisoy: what i mean is webiconz: okay... i know whats ur concern... ChefTisoy: i cant do anything? webiconz: according to ives... ChefTisoy: on mah own site? ChefTisoy: after u guys build it/ webiconz: wait.. ill explain webiconz: there are to types of purchasing a website webiconz: # 1 webiconz: u paid for it for internet presence webiconz: # 2 webiconz: u buy all the source codes, including the copyrighted photos used webiconz: raw files such as Javascript webiconz: fonts webiconz: PSD webiconz: etc. webiconz: u cannot edit the website because its our idea and design webiconz: its all there ChefTisoy: ok then webiconz: if u want to update it, we will ChefTisoy: the one im talkin to ChefTisoy: from cebu ChefTisoy: i can get someone ChefTisoy: or even bringing someone ChefTisoy: to work for him ChefTisoy: like help him out etc ChefTisoy: and mah self ChefTisoy: i have access to it ChefTisoy: so ur different from him then ChefTisoy: or style webiconz: its not a style but its the real rule of web design webiconz: he doesnt know anything about it webiconz: he just do websites ChefTisoy: so he was using a fake rules? ives91583: omg!!! webiconz: im not telling u its fake webiconz: according to u.. its his style webiconz: were dealing with big companies, thats why we're aware of every little details for the website to be made webiconz: we dont want any hussles on both parties ChefTisoy: well i dont like dealin with company ChefTisoy: like i told ives webiconz: well were not a company ChefTisoy: so many employee webiconz: but we're a professional freelance web designers ChefTisoy: yah i know webiconz: we dont have employees as well ChefTisoy: how about someone quit the job webiconz: we deal, we develop, we submit ChefTisoy: some who knows about mah site access ChefTisoy: etc>? webiconz: what do u mean? webiconz: we're vanishing? ChefTisoy: well anyway ChefTisoy: thanks webiconz: ur thinking of a fiction webiconz: well... webiconz: is there any more to discuss? ives91583: hey .. webiconz: u dont trust our team... ives91583: hey.. webiconz: then dont get us to work for u ives91583: yeah.. ives91583: okies.. ChefTisoy: enough ok? ives91583: case close. ives91583: -end- webiconz: big companies trusted on us, how about u? ives91583: lets go out of this confe na.. webiconz: well... thanks anyway. webiconz: bbye webiconz has left the conference. ives91583: thanks..