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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again! oneman143: gud lak Yahoo! Messenger: oneman143 may be offline. If so, the message will be sent and oneman143 will see it after signing in.(8/10/2005 12:28 PM) ChefTisoy: who r u bro? oneman143: bf of sweettaray oneman143: ligawan mo tol oneman143: papasa ka na doon ChefTisoy: i have a gf oneman143: di mo kc pansin cya noon oneman143: pero ok na tol oneman143: pwede na ChefTisoy: diko pancin? oneman143: lucky na found out ko na di cya ang babaeng pwede mapagkatiwalaan oneman143: sabi nya oneman143: pero tol papasa ka sa kanya ChefTisoy: well if she gonna do that to you... she do that to anybody too oneman143: nabasa mo ba lahat ung pag uuasp namin ChefTisoy: yah oneman143: nagpanga[p ako na ikaw oneman143: just to know kung ok cya oneman143: pero knowing na flirt cya to evrybody oneman143: kaya wala na kami ChefTisoy: and she's there leavin with yah? ChefTisoy: tapos gagawin yun oneman143: we/re here in the same city oneman143: i'm the one who break ChefTisoy: u guys chat sa 30+ room? oneman143: shes insisting na, she knows ako ang kausap ny at di ikaw oneman143: nope oneman143: we're in the same city oneman143: sa california ChefTisoy: then how did u know about me? oneman143: i seen ur email add sa forwarding nya ChefTisoy: what email she used pala? oneman143: sweettaray68 oneman143: u know her oneman143: she said u jknow her cell pon number ChefTisoy: yah i talked to her few times ChefTisoy: while im mah site etc oneman143: u mean sa phone? ChefTisoy: here sa ym ChefTisoy: just sayin hi hello ChefTisoy: etc oneman143: well call her oneman143: maybe u guys will workout oneman143: i'm done with her oneman143: i'm not jealous oneman143: i was just surprise oneman143: na ganyan pala cya ChefTisoy: never in our family that we step on somebody else wife etc.... oneman143: what is relationship kung nawala na ang trust diba oneman143: well not to her oneman143: she dont care ChefTisoy: yah ofcourse i been there... its rare that u can fix relationship that its been broken.. oneman143: the way she talk to me earlier under ur name oneman143: she likes u ChefTisoy: ok bro u got cel phone? oneman143: un nga lang she said u keep on ignoring her oneman143: who me? ChefTisoy: yah ur the one im talkin too ChefTisoy: col me or il col u oneman143: why oneman143: u spoke to her? ChefTisoy: well answer mah question ChefTisoy: lets tak on the phone oneman143: 3104208409 oneman143: she ask u to talk to me? oneman143: wow ChefTisoy: actually pare.. sa chat etc its suppose to be fun etc... pero if it kind of too personal... its better u talk sa phone or real diba ChefTisoy: nope ChefTisoy: haven't heard from her oneman143: well much better sya na lang ang call mo ChefTisoy: here's mine number... 206-427-8444 .. im callin now oneman143: kc she really likes u ChefTisoy: ====================================== oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:04:33 AM): cheftsoy (8/10/2005 10:08:08 AM): cheftsoy: san ka na BUZZ!!! tina68_portacio : d2 ako cheftsoy: ok cheftsoy: busy ka na tina68_portacio : di cheftsoy: ang dami mo naman sn tina68_portacio : tagal ng connection cheftsoy: siguro dami mo din ka chat tina68_portacio : yan ang parati kong gamit cheftsoy: talaga tina68_portacio : uu cheftsoy: di mo na gamit ang taray? tina68_portacio : wala ikaw lang cheftsoy: gaano mo ako kamahal cheftsoy: yung 22o tina68_portacio : 22o cheftsoy: oo yung 22o cheftsoy: gusto ko kc yung may minamahal tina68_portacio : talaga tina68_portacio : ako rin naman eh cheftsoy: so gaano mo ako kamahal tina68_portacio : yan tina68_portacio : red na tina68_portacio : means inlove na ako cheftsoy: talaga tina68_portacio : asus tina68_portacio : tinatnong pa ba yan tina68_p ======================================== oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:03:52 AM): tina68_portacio : tumitingin cheftsoy: ikaw ba gusto mo na rin ako noon din tina68_portacio : uu tina68_portacio : sori honest lang ako ==================================== oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:05:00 AM): mahal ka nya oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:04:51 AM): kausapin mo tol oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:04:46 AM): nagpanggap ako na ikaw oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:04:20 AM): hahahahahahaha oneman143 (8/10/2005 11:04:17 AM): shes puta