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"Questions but Answers "
And she was dancing with the wind that kisses the lace curtain by the open window of her hotel room. Violins playing "Moonriver". She moves elegantly in her long white dress, with crystals glistening amidst the candle lit room, with the scent of red roses, petals scattered everywhere, by the table she set earlier for two. Then she stopped, silence filled the place for a while. Then she looked at her reflection in the glass window with the stars in the sky shining through. She whispered. "Nasabi ko na ba sa'yong mahal na mahal kita?" Those were the words she wanted to hear form Matt. Matt. Her boyfriend. Tonight is their first monthsary. It's been a month and yet she still wonder if she had heard those words form Matt's heart. "And Matt, bakit hanggang ngayon, wala pa sya. Hindi pwedeng hindi sya dumating. He promised he'll come. He promised he'll be here for me... with me, tonight." She had been waiting for an hour and still, her prince had not yet come. Pano na tong dinner na sinet ko? Ayokong masayang ang gabing ito. This is our first night...our first romantic night. She got her phone, tried to call up Matt. She failed. "Maybe he just wants to me to miss him. Maybe he has a surprise for me... Matt. He doesn't want this kind of 'sweet moments'...but i know. he'll come." She sighed. "Matt, you're astoundingly perfect." The night is almost perfect but how can it be if she'll be all alone? Hihintayin ko si Matt, hihintayin ko sya kahit anong mangyari. And she stared at the candles, watched them burn to their very end. Then she took the wine and got a shot...then two...three...and still no Matt. Silence lingered. The phone rang. She answered it. "Jenny, tihs is Matt's friend, He told me he was supposed to be with you tonight. Sorry if he kept you waiting. Jenny, Matt is gone. He met a car accident. He was driving with a girl aong the highway when a truck hit them." Those words broke her heart. She lost grip of the phone, she felt weak and numb. She fell on her knees, alomost kissed the floor, with rose petals, now wet with her tears. She lsot her prince and it nearly destroyed her soul. Then something got into her mind. "Who was the girl that Matt was with?" She hurried to the hospital. At the morgue, she saw Matt, and the girl. She was speechless upon what she saw. Not because oof the damage Matt and the girl had, but because she knew that girl.. "Jinky" she said. Jinky, her bestfriend. So many questions kept playing in her mind. "Bakit si Matt?" "Bakit si Jinky?" "Bakit ngayon pa?" "Bakit magkasama si si... Matt?" Yes there are questions but answers are wothless. They will not bring her boyfriend and her bestfirend back to life

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